Carriage In Shannon




Laura Gaynor writes:

Yesterday I got one of the first Carrick On Shannon [Co Leitrim]  trains since the floods! At times it is close to a 45 degree angle and water on both sides of the train. I was a little afraid we would topple into the Shannon. The wifi is still working though which is great…

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11 thoughts on “Carriage In Shannon

  1. Skeptik

    It’s called camber. It’s so you don’t spill your tea going around a bend at higher speeds.
    The train is running slower around the flood, so therefore you notice the tilt. It was always there.

  2. bubbleandsqueak

    In Ireland we simply put the train on the water. those lads who went to the bother of digging a tunnel under the water in Britain and France must feel like silly Billys

  3. Seeyouseeme

    …you’re not friends/a relative of Claire Gorrman are you?!
    Next you’ll be comparing public transport to Magaluf’s!

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