Race To The Bottom




“As with the two previous indexes, this year offers surprises. Copenha­gen and Amsterdam continue to dominate, but new cities storm into the top 20 at the expense of others. Buenos Aires stomps the competi­tion and nails the South American continent, at the expense of Rio de Janeiro, which seems to have lost interest. Europe continues to have a strong presence, though Germany is slacking—Berlin falls, Munich slips off the list entirely, and Hamburg is hanging on by a thread.”

The third Copenhagenize Design Company’s Index of bike friendly cities. The top 20 out of 122 are presented at link below.

Dublin is 15th.

Down five places on 2014.

But WHY?

Choosing substandard infrastructure along the quays is not exactly the way to go. The bike-share program rocks, but now a comprehensive network and bicycle strategy should be developed and followed to the letter….


The 20 Most Bike Friendly Cities On The Planet (Wired)

Thanks John Gallen

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11 thoughts on “Race To The Bottom

    1. The People's Hero

      Making it a prosecutable offense to drive or park in a cycle lane would be most effective. That’s how Copenhagen does it. Sure, there are dedicated lanes around the city but on narrower city center streets, lanes are simply lined off. Like ours. No driver dares drive or park in these. Hell to pay if they do….

      1. crazy horse

        “learn to ride a bike correctly” scheme should be introduced, along with “criminalisation of bike nazis” who dress like hipsters thinking they own the street..

    1. Kieran NYC

      Because we’re not to be trusted not to bike drunk.

      You’re lucky we’re even allowed bikes at all with the nanny state attitude.

  1. Murph Mikey

    forget about the cyclist…all they do is slow down traffic. There is no room for cycle lanes in this country, we need larger lanes for cars, trucks, SUVs, etc. Cyclists should just get on the bus/luas/train if they cant afford to have a car….

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