No Womb At The Wynn



The Independent (UK) reports:

An anti-abortion campaign group in Ireland have been derided online for holding an event on women’s healthcare – with only male speakers.

Family and Life, a Dublin-based organisation, is holding an event tomorrow evening in the capital city. Titled ‘How to Protect the 8th amendment’ in reference to the constitutional clause which bans abortion, the event is described as “pro-life”.

The discussion will feature three men; David Quinn, Patrick Carr and Paddy Manning.

Sharing the poster online, Laura Lee commented:

“Oh super. A conference on women’s wombs, run by men. Welcome to Ireland.”

…One of the speakers, David Quinn, has defended the event, telling The Independent: “I don’t regard abortion as a woman’s healthcare issue only but as a right-to-life issue as well.

“The right to life of the unborn is obviously at stake in this debate and that is a human rights issue, not a woman’s issue or a man’s issue per se.”

Irish pro life group criticised for all-male panel on abortion (The Independent)

Family & Life (Facebook)

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96 thoughts on “No Womb At The Wynn

  1. John M

    …”“The right to life of the unborn is obviously at stake in this debate and that is ….not a woman’s issue ….per se.”

    And there you have: that’s what’s wrong with this whole ‘debate’ (sic): we’re being lectured by people who obviously don’t comprehend Biology at the basic level………..let alone the subtleties of how NOT to win friends and influence people……..

    1. rotide

      “And .. what’s wrong with… people who obviously ..influence people”

      Well said. Nice to see Iona supporters speaking their mind.

      With quoting skills like yours you should get a job sorting the quotes for movie posters.

    1. Cool_Hand_Lucan

      Ah, the penis beaker. Let’s just say my friends and family weren’t stuck for gifts this Christmas.

  2. Marty

    In fairness he does have a point. Abortion is not just about women’s wombs. There has never been an abortion that does not, in some way, affect a man. Some gender balance would have been a good idea though.

    1. nellyb

      Being affected is not as being imprisoned. Annually 4K men parttake in hetero act, triggering pregnancy (accident or negligence). Not a peep of them in the 08th.
      I hope that would be David Quinns speech opening.
      (this is not anti-man post, it’s anti-8th)

    2. Liggy

      My abortion did not effect a man.The only decisions that needed to be made were made by me.The operation was carried out and I returned to normal life. Just like most women who have the procedure do.

      The women of Ireland should have the same right in their own country. Otherwise, autonomy of your own body becomes about money, those who can afford to travel, do. Those who cannot travel are dependant on illegal practicioners or pills bought over the Internet.

    3. Nice Anne {Dammit}

      Oooooh – Meeerrr – Gawrd! Won’t someone please think of the Menz! The poor marginalised, victimised, silenced men whose rights are just rode roughshod over.

      Some of whom were happy to see women go into Magdalene homes.
      Some of whom were happy to play hide the sausage and leave the women to play hold the package.
      A lot of whom ran the Catholic church.

      Poor souls, of course everyone should consider their feelings first. Especially when those feelings relate to their “ownership” of women’s wombs.

      #NotAllMen (Thank goodness)

  3. Chris

    Come on ladies give up the ol’ abortions like. Can’t you just smile and push for Ireland. What’s that? You need help raising the child as a lone parent or abuse victim with mental health issues? You scrounger! Away with you! Our unhealthy ‘Christian’ obsession only applies to fetal matters and lady bits. Don’t expect help with your actual offspring from us!

    1. Liggy

      Unfortunately right on the ball.

      Dying of a condition aggregated by pregnacy? Bad luck old girl, Ireland would rather the two of you die than save you by aborting the baby.

      Already dead but pregnant? Terribly bad luck dear. Don’t worry, Ireland will keep your decomposing body artificially alive so as to be able to extract a dead baby days later.

      Have you been raped and are currently dependant on the state? Well, we have a treat in store for you. We are going to force you to go through with the pregnancy just so you can give birth tied to a bed.

      No husband? Tart!
      No job? Scrounger!
      Husband run off with someone else? You’re probably a bitch and definitely damaged goods

      Dare to complain about any of this? Shut up you over entitled woman. Your womb is men’s business! 70 years ago you would have been locked up in a workhouse or laundry and your child sold or dumped in a pit for a grave. Count yourself lucky.

      And people wonder why any fair-minded person would support the right to choose?

  4. Condescending Nana

    Paddy Manning, the gay man who campaigned against the marriage referendum on the ground that marriage is for making children. How does he sleep at night? Alone.

    1. Chris

      I feel sorry for him he was one of the early out of the closet but still conservative gays who would do anything to still be accepted by the conservative straight laced types. That made him a bit avant guard in the 90s now, frankly he looks quite daft.

  5. DubLoony

    Dammit, someone is going to have to take one for the team and live tweet this event or something.

    1. Bonkers

      I think i’d feel phbehind his backysically sick if I had to tweet their religious ramblings.

      As for Paddy Manning, I really wonder how he hangs around with these religious nuts who all talk about being gay as evil behind his back. They must have some craic at his expense when he leaves the room. I feel sorry for the guy. Only for a nano second though

  6. 15 cents

    “its not a womens issue” apart from it all taking place entirely within womens bodies, and womens bodies alone.

      1. ahjayzis

        Respectfully – that’s a load of insulting, controlling wank.

        What a woman does with her own body is between herself and her doctor, it’s nothing to do with me, you, any other men or women.

        1. inPisces

          That is even more stupid than the usual pro life arguments. Common law has long established sucrose, self harm and other forms of crimes against the person to be unlawful. People who share your feminising views of society do nothing for true inclusiveness or equality

          1. ahjayzis

            “People who share your feminising views of society…”

            You keep referring to me either not being a ‘real man’ or wanting to ‘feminise’ society.
            I was brought up to believe doing right by women is the manliest thing you can do, confining their bodily autonomy and curtailing their freedom isn’t being a man, it’s being a small-minded, insecure little boy.

          2. inPisces

            You’re changing your time immediately when challenged which is to your credit.

            I’m not downgrading women – by insisting on true equality and consulting all stakeholders.

            There is a cabal of about three or four in this site ( probably the same person) who post here endlessly in an vicious cycle of belittling the views of anyone who dares post a non kneejerk neoliberal pinky line. Don’t be one of them, you’re better than that

          3. inPisces

            “doing right by women” means having regard to all stakeholders, women are not a special interest group in this, though I do accept individual choice in bodily autonomy is a prerequisite

            Unlike you Ahjaysiz or Nigel ( howling ” like a small child” yet again I see when someone disagrees with him) I don’t cast the challenge of delivering the right decision for society in a monosexual way, note that’s not the same as saying I want to continue the status quo of men making all the decisions for society. Rather if you’re seriously hopIng of effecting such a big social change then you need to try and bring everyone with you to get it over the line

          4. Anne

            “There is a cabal of about three or four in this site ( probably the same person)”


            Go back on the drink will you, you’re less tedious.

          5. inPisces

            What’s your point Anne? Try articulating a response to the substantial point made if you’re able

  7. J

    All in favour of excitable Moyest attending? Am pretty sure Bodger could sort him out with some of the *ahem* strong stuff .

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      If someone is paying me in weed, I’ll be there with bells on. Fupp it, and a dress.

  8. b

    Where does Manning get his shirts? They are entitled to hold a meeting and quelle surprise bs puts up a post deriding them. there is only free speech in liberal ireland when you are the cooler side of the argument.

    1. ahjayzis

      *bangs head repeatedly off the wall*

      Another total idiot.

      Free speech means freedom to speak your mind. You got that part right? But here’s the thing, it works both ways, it’s reciprocal.

      They have that right, we have the right to call them backward misogynistic regressive muppets – that’s speaking *our* mind. No one has banned them, attempted to silence them or suggested they have no right to assemble – it’s you suggesting we don’t have the right to question these womb-guardians.

    2. sqoid

      Freedom of speech alllows you to express your dog shit opinions, it doesn’t protect them from being called out as dog shit

    3. Bertie Blenkinsop

      He was seen rooting around in Laurence Llewelyn Bowen’s bin.*

      * This is not a euphemism.

    1. ahjayzis

      Of course you do. But if your side’s only argument consists of pathetic whinging about mean people being mean about you as though you have a right to be treated with kid gloves or to be free from offence, roll on the referendum!

      You’re not ‘rolling against’ anything, you’re cribbing and bitching.

  9. Junkface

    Quinn is a complete tool. The other two are complete dill holes. An embarrassment to men of Ireland.

    No women speakers at an event like this is as ridiculous as their outdated opinions on abortion

    1. Bonkers

      Breda O’Brien must be busy pontificating at home that night. Her poor children, may God rescue their souls

  10. some old queen

    I was wondering where Manning had got to. Still, he was very effective in persuading people to vote yes in the marriage referendum, by demanding they voted no. He’ll probably have the same effect this time around.

  11. Jordofthejungle

    Family & Life are the outfit that paid for Senator Fidelma Healy Eames (always a sucker for free travel), Senator Paul Bradford ( the much older husband of Lucinda Creighton and largely responsible for converting her to the so-called pro-life cause although he failed to convince her about voting No in the Marriage Equality Referendum) and Senator Jim Walsh (grade-A moron) among others to go on an “abortion fact-finding mission” to the US Bible Belt. Their greatest success was with Senator Healy Eames, now firmly their puppet. Family & Life might be a fringe Roman Catholic cult but with US dollars and flattering the sense of entitlement of idiots like Fidelma Healy Eames, the can buy politicans. Small but dangerous.

  12. Jordofthejungle

    I know it’s not an excuse but Paddy Manning has not had an exactly easy or pleasant life. Part of me wonders whether, rather than conviction, behind his anger and outrage is a deep-seated resentment at how relatively easy gay people have it now compared to his life. I think he craves for a partner , relationship and stability. There is definitely a vicious streak of self-destructive anger there.

    1. ahjayzis

      I get that vibe too. He doesn’t make me angry, just sad. Keith Mills more so, I think there’s a larger core of goodness and generosity to him. But yeah, they’ve been badly embittered. I can’t have happiness so no one must / how hard I had it was character forming, all gays must have it that hard.

      1. inPisces

        Wow you guys “know” people it’s uncanny

        How dare anyone form a dissenting opinion of their own without having regard to one the following
        ( choose a, b,c or D)

        A is gay
        B was in the closet
        C has “issues” arising
        D all of the above

        Winner gets an “I know people” badge and to strut around the internet getting pats on the back from other commenters while wearing nothing but a sock

        1. Jordofthejungle

          Thanks for that searing analysis. I don’t think it’s any big secret Paddy Manning has had a difficult life. One needs only visit his twitter to see the depth of his anger. It’s not exactly run of the mill exasperation or disagreement but bitter, caustic invective.

          1. inPisces

            It’s not the point. His personal life is none of your fupping business and neither has it any relevance to the objective facts under review in the 8th Amendment campaign. You’re not doing advocacy with personal attacks on opponents so perhaps consider holding off on that

          2. Jordofthejungle

            It is of acute relevance given my whole point is that it is more likely his stance is not borne out of genuine conviction but rather deep-seated personal issues – it’s not as if I am pulling them out of the air – borne partly of desperate disgruntlement at the Marriage Equality Referendum. It is a entirely reasonable point given “murderesses” Manning is someone who has palpable anger which often explodes in debates and twitter causing him to surrender to personal insult and base invective. It is no coincidence he was not accepted by the media as a spokesperson for the No to Marriage Equality side. Manning is an utter liability on camera – radio although Keith Mills was more than willing to fill his shoes.

  13. Chris

    Poor Paddy Manning, the Christian conservative lap dog who whips himself…
    -‘Look guys I’m thrashing myself thorough, my hind is red raw! Can I please still be in your right wing Christian democrat cult like group. Please! Unnnngghhh!’
    -(Other speakers shift around awkwardly on the spot, avoiding his intense stare)

  14. Nice Jung Man

    It’s a pity the debate has become so unduly personalised

    I don’t believe this adds anything to the debate

      1. inPisces

        For the “other” side You’re one of the worst members of the trolletariat on here so I’m not sure why you’re being so smug about this

  15. Liggy

    You know what others say

    Don’t like abortion?
    Don’t have one.

    Do like equality and self-autonomy?
    Then vote Yes in the upcoming referendum.

    That is what pro-choice means.

    1. Peter Dempsey

      I prefer to keep it simple

      If you’re anti-choice – VOTE NO.

      If you’re pro-choice – VOTE YES

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