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The Independent (UK) reports:

An anti-abortion campaign group in Ireland have been derided online for holding an event on women’s healthcare – with only male speakers.

Family and Life, a Dublin-based organisation, is holding an event tomorrow evening in the capital city. Titled ‘How to Protect the 8th amendment’ in reference to the constitutional clause which bans abortion, the event is described as “pro-life”.

The discussion will feature three men; David Quinn, Patrick Carr and Paddy Manning.

Sharing the poster online, Laura Lee commented:

“Oh super. A conference on women’s wombs, run by men. Welcome to Ireland.”

…One of the speakers, David Quinn, has defended the event, telling The Independent: “I don’t regard abortion as a woman’s healthcare issue only but as a right-to-life issue as well.

“The right to life of the unborn is obviously at stake in this debate and that is a human rights issue, not a woman’s issue or a man’s issue per se.”

Irish pro life group criticised for all-male panel on abortion (The Independent)

Family & Life (Facebook)

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“Over the years, we’ve learned at an enormous cost that many organisations, including our own – the political class, the church – many organisations that there was too much deference to, over time. And the charity sector’s no more. We cannot assume that because it’s charitable that it’s holier than thou and that it’s good.
There are many organisations that I have many concerns about and I want to mention one on the record here which is Family and Life. And I’ve the letters that they’ve sent out to, what I think, are a very targeted audience, primarily elderly, vulnerable people, soliciting donations up to, and including, €7,000, in the name of charity. I think it deserves a more strong light to shone in on that particular organisation.
But there are many, numerous organisations and I think we have to encourage, we have to be brave and we have to continue on our quest to shine that light.”

West Cork Fine Gael TD, Jim Daly [top] speaking in the Dáil last night about Family and Life.

Earlier this month, Stephen O’Brien of The Sunday Times reported how Family and Life has refused to register with the Standards in Public Office Commission (SIPO) even though it was warned it was breaking the law by paying for a ‘fact finding’ mission to America for Fine Gael TDs Fidelma Healy Eames and Paul Bradford.

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