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MegaconeAbsolute Magnitude

Here’s what you may need to know…

01. Megacone are a Dublin-based five-piece trading in a math-inflected strain of post-rock. Equally atmospheric and technically intricate, their output so far has been very impressive.

02. Absolute magnitude is “the measure of the intrinsic brightness of a celestial object”. It’s also Megacone’s new song, recorded by Rian Trench (of Solar Bears) and Robert Scanlon.

03. This seven-minute opus is Megacone’s step into a much bigger, spacier sound, and the video, directed by Bailey & Blake Productions, plays off this with an elaborate video that contrasts cinematography and production values with drone-shot performance footage.

04. They’re playing the Venture Takeover stage of the BD Festival on Good Friday in the Wicklow Mountains, amid a quality helping of Irish math-rock, post-rock and other awkward/technically-accomplished shenanigans.

Verdict: Accomplished stuff from lads as young as this five-piece. Keep a close eye on them: it’s not for no reason they’re this ambitious this early in the game.


Photo credit: AK Photography.

6 thoughts on “You May Like This: Megacone

  1. Digs

    Pat Metheny meets Mogwai. This is good stuff, despite the inherent inability to dress themselves in a self respecting manner!

    1. Scundered

      maybe music should be judged by the ears, and less time devoted to whether the look fits into some uncreative plastic pigeon-hole. I really hope they just don’t give a ****.

  2. Richard

    ME-GA-CONE! ME-GA-CONE! (Goes the chant taken up by their enthusiastic fans at their gigs, at least if last year’s Knockanstockan is anything to go by.)

  3. Iwerzon

    Like this. They have the balls to use unconventional timing and meter. Dunno if they have vocals which the public usually demands these days unfortunately. Hint of Horslips meets Sabbath meets Metallica. Like this.

  4. Music lover

    That is seriously impressive. I’ll be keeping an eye out for these guys. Thanks for posting/

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