17 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At Leinster House

  1. Harry Molloy

    Would be a great job in fairness….
    I look around my office bored out of my tree. Government buildings must a hell of a lot more interesting. I’d just tip around eavesdropping all day

      1. Harry Molloy

        Me, no. I wouldn’t like to give up my privacy. Honestly don’t think the money is worth it. And despite what anyone says, it would be bloody hard work.

        I do like the thought of working in a government department though. Not too sure in what capacity, I don’t really no how they work, but I would imagine the work to be damn interesting, though often disheartening I’m sure.

        1. phil

          ‘Honestly don’t think the money is worth it’

          Are you sure you are not suited to being a politician ?

  2. kingo

    get the boot in bs. the only drawback With the job is that if she loses her seat next time. you lose the job. fair bałls to her for advertising the positions. its not worthy of a sarky bs post.

  3. Eamonn Clancy

    She objected to a traveller site being built in her area. I live a stone’s throw from Labre Park, pop by and visit it sometime, or throw a cursory glance if passing by car and see the vile horror we’ve lived with for on 30 years.

  4. Peter Dempsey

    Ah the self-hating Michael

    He describes himself as an “Irish Atheist – Fascinated with Irish Politics”.

    His sole purpose in life is to criticise and knock other people who don’t conform to his liberal world view.

  5. MarRef Not Home To Pay Tax

    Madigan family and in-laws preferred. I presume, in the best traditions of the dyanastic dimension of Irish politics.

  6. Joe Small

    She advertised the post – unlike all those who gave it to a relative or the relative of a friend and here we are, having a go at her. She hasn’t even had her first sitting day in the Dáil yet. Who would want to be a TD?

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