Ziggy: The Rise And Foal



Rescue foal Ziggy, in Laragh, Co Wicklow


Tracey writes:

On Saturday 27th February a pony was seen loose on Maoilin Hill, near Laragh [Co Wicklow]. Upon inspection it turned out that it was a foal presumed born late last year, maybe August /September.

But we were unable to get near him as he seems to not have been handled before, so we left out hay and feed in a hope that we could get its trust over a few days and catch it later, but sadly the foal got a fright and went off into the forest where we lost sight of him.

6 days later and a lot of lost sleep, he was seen again.

So I put together a group of people and two very quiet horses that he would follow and managed to get him to a yard where we could then get him in to a stable, which is where he is now.

We have named him Ziggy. We could really do with getting him a forever home, but failing that we would be interested in a sponsor, maybe a company like Glanbia, or Gain or such like so we can keep him ourselves without too much a financial burden.

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  1. Starina

    ah what a little furball! so cute! Fair play to you — reassuring after having to look at that fupping swan cruelty article on the right-hand side.

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