Doe, A Beer, A Craft-Made Beer



Red, a drop of golden sun.

Fancy a crate?

Paul Mullin of The White Hag writes:

So we’re back at the RDS Irish Beer and Whiskey Festival [Ballsbridge, Dublin 4] this weekend from tonight, and we’ll be unveiling our new RED IPA called RED DOE.

And we thought a few of the ‘sheet readers might wander down and say hello, so we’ve a pair of passes and a crate of RED DOE to give away.

As per usual , the best excuse {for needing the passes and beer] wins, the more dramatic the better – sure we love the drama…

Lines MUST close at 5.15pm

White Hag

Update: The winner is Murtles (see comments)

35 thoughts on “Doe, A Beer, A Craft-Made Beer

  1. joj

    It’d be nice to go to these events with friends, a shame we must pay €3 to the government to drink a pint of beer before we get to pay the people who actually produced it

      1. JIMMY JAMES

        hey K, might hook with a fellow BS reader for a pint or two at the RDS, don’t worry I’ll recognize you, you’ll be the one with ^manker written all over you

  2. ZeligIsJaded

    I need the passes and the beer because I’m being asked (forced) to work tomorrow.


    On the very day that St Pat was burned on the cross for my sins, I’ll be sitting at a desk, sober, without so much as a green hat on my head, or a little shamrock painted on my cheek.

    It’s a scandal.

    And I can think of nothing St. Paddy would like more, as he looks down on me from the right side of our Lord, than to see me put the blasphemy right – come Friday – with a few pints in the RDS.

    I also live adjacent the Phoenix Park, and I always wondered what them deer taste like.

    So the Red Doe would be the mighty bonus.


    much as i read this whole micro brew / craft beer fad to be the preserve of bored & funded hipsters, the
    white hag have done a fair enough job of getting their brand out there & into pubs festivals etc..
    so would prob be the brand i’ll try when i part with 20 eurohs this summer to walk around iveagh gardens with a paper plate
    logo looks similar to the wright venue in swords

    1. ForFecksSake

      Why would you want small Irish businesses making beer in Ireland to be “the preserve of bored & funded hipsters”? Should we all stick with the multinationals?

  4. Sheila

    I just had my hair sprayed green in work for charity… massive sacrifice, I know :)

    Go on, go on!

  5. TheFerg

    I just want to crack open a cold one and reminisce about that algebra exam I sat in the RDS, November 2002 – aahhh….simpler times…….

  6. Murtles

    I need the passes and the beer to try to blank out the mortification of an incident yesterday evening. After some post work sunshiney pints I was taking the bus home when this awkward looking young lad with a wooly hipster hat gets on the bus. His fly was unzipped unbeknownst to himself and there were some giggly teen girls behind me who obviously noticed this as well and were doing their teen whispery giggly thing. As I was getting off at my stop I decided to help the kid out by letting him discreetly know he had “egg on his chin”. So I tapped him on the shoulder, pointed to his fly and, smiling as if I knew him, whispered to him “you’re flying low buddy”.
    I got off the bus and as it was pulling away the young lad was staring at me suspiciously and it was only then he lifted his hat and took off headphones he had on which I did not see. Assuming he did not hear my warning to him, from his point of view some auld slightly inebriated gent taps him on the shoulder and, while creepily smiling, points at his crotch then gets off the bus. I’m never trying to help anyone ever again.

    1. The White Hag

      Ahoy-hoy – we have a winner! Murtles you’ll get mail, and plaudits by the bucket load…and some beers and tickets…

  7. fluffybiscuits

    I’d like a crate of this beer as I am smashed broke because I have an inflame achilles tendon which makes me walk around like Oscar Pistorious drunk (maybe legless?) . Added to that my other half is out the door with work and I have no money to do anything except for catch up on the new X Files and drink tea with the lads over the weekend. Its going to be drier than a grannys arse crack unless of course….

  8. CMary

    I have a new boyfriend. All is good…bar his obsession with all beer “craft”. I don’t know which is worse…the blind faith that the word “craft” means “better” despite any particular regulation of the word of which I am aware; or his apologetic but condescending sneer towards anything mass produced. I note that this festival doesn’t use the word “craft” in the title, and I don’t see it conspicuously plastered across the label of Red Doe either. Fair play to the the festival and White Hag for moving away from the bandwagon (albeit remaining still part of it). Maybe I could step aboard if I had a taste of the beer, and the festival…in any event, it would sure go some way in bridging a widening gap between a craft obsessed hipster denying boyfriend and an altogether bored girlfriend.

  9. Clampers Outside!

    I need the passes and the beer… so that I may have an Andy Dufresne moment, where I could sit back contented in watching my mates enjoy their White Hag libations, having done my work writing this to get them.

  10. garthicus

    I really need it because the last time you ran this competition with White Hag for passes, some cases and a t-shirt, no winner was announced and I drove myself demented checking the thread to see if I had won :-(

  11. Robyn

    I need the passes and beer, as I am pathologically shy (okay, maybe a slight exaggeration, but still shy), with stress related hypertension, and yet beer helps me unwind and talk to people. So, in essence, by giving me the prize you could be improving my quality of life, and that surely has to be worth something!

  12. Drogg

    Ok i need the beer and the passes because i have a third child on the way, I am entering the uncool club buying a people carrier but they won’t trade me a fair price on my awesome car, none of my horses have come in the top ten today, i haven’t seen my best mate since christmas because life is always in the way, i have had two job rejection letters in the last two weeks and not even an interview and i work stupid long hours for S%$* pay.

  13. MoyestWithExcitement

    Lads, I’m pretty sure my girlfriend is only going out with me because of wonderous, awe inspiring beard. I need to test her love. If she gets drunk in a sea full of craft beer enthusiasts and not confuse someone else for me at the end of the night, I’ll finally consider one day maybe thinking about the possibility that I might ponder marrying this one. Philanthropy is the future of marketing. You can make a difference here.

  14. Russell Steed

    Am I late (Maybe I’m in a different timezone, would that count?)…….Drama!!


    I need the passes and the beer, because from a young age, I have been a fond admirer of beer, I like the way the beer added flavour to the beer, the beer I beered when beer is beering, the beer beer beers when I beer. Beer beer beering beer. Beer.

  15. D2dweller

    I need both the beer and the passes as I’m spending my St Patrick’s weekend the wrong side of the counter with 58 hours over the next 4 days. Finishing work at 7pm Saturday eve a bottle of White Hag will go down a treat

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