You May Like This: Otherkin




01. Claiming equal influence from punk-rock’s grandfathers and ’90s alt-rock among other elements, Otherkin are a Dublin four-piece garnering a name for hard graft: at present, they’re touring Europe.

02. New single I Was Born very definitely skewers toward rock ‘n’ roll’s poppiest excesses, if not veering into garage-rock territory. Video directed by Finn Keenan.

The band emerged in 2013 and quickly landed themselves on the Irish festival circuit, including Longitude, Electric Picnic, Hard Working Class Heroes and Other Voices, the following year. 2014 also saw them garner attention with the release of single Ay Ay, which landed them on Irish indie Rubyworks.

The single is out on April 8, the same night as a headline show in Whelan’s in Dublin. Support from FANGCLUB and Wolff.

Verdict: Fans of classic power-pop and garage-rock will lap these lads up, even if their jams are a tad over-polished on record.


5 thoughts on “You May Like This: Otherkin

  1. Boba Fettucine

    They obviously weren’t listening very hard to their influences -they ended up sounding like The Vamps.

  2. Padí

    Love that chorus, these guys are going to be big. It’s a brilliant video too from a local which is always great to see. Irish music is in a good place right now.

  3. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

    Not surprised they’re being labelled one of the hardest working bands around, they’re popping up everywhere. Unfortunately I don’t think they’ll ever move higher up the steps than ‘hard working’. Maybe they could hold the ladder when TXFM take a fancy to the next in line.

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