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Overhead, the AlbatrossBig River Man (from new album Learning to Growl)

Here’s what you may need to know…

01. At long bloody last. Dublin instrumental six-piece Overhead, the Albatross have finally announced their debut full-length record, entitled Learning to Growl, for release on May 13.

The band have unleashed singles and snippets from live sessions, but single Big River Man, released last November, was the first indication of what the outfit have really had up their sleeve. A lush, eight-minute excursion with a grandiose video to match, streaming above.

Another leadoff single is due this day next week, with a teaser for the video here. We’ll keep you posted.

Ahead of that will be a big gig in Dublin on Saturday April 9th, at the Workman’s Club, where the band finishes what they started at their last show, before a power cut took out the venue and stopped the band.

Verdict: What we’ve heard from the band over the years, and the rep they’ve developed, has been  a prelude to this record, and Big River Man may well only be the tip of the sonic iceberg. Roll on, May 13.

Overhead, the Albatross

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  1. Nigel

    That’s brilliant!

    By the way, I’m enjoying the increase in regular music postings. I don’t always like the music, but the opportunity to sample some new stuff without having to wander hither and yon across the internet is great.

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