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‘Communication consultant’ James Morrissey

[Media analyst] Colum Kenny’s article “Paddy not getting full story due to media constraints” is most interesting. Is this Prof Colum Kenny of the Department of Communications at DCU quoting his colleague “Dr Roddy Flynn of DCU” in relation to media issues?

For clarity, I am a communications consultant to clients, including Denis O’Brien.

Mr O’Brien does not control Independent News & Media, nor is he a director.

Neither is he chairman of Communicorp, as incorrectly stated by Colum Kenny.

During my years in journalism, and since, I do not recall Colum ever getting exercised about media ownership when he was a very regular columnist at the Sunday Independent and at a time when INM’s share of the media market was considerably greater than it is today.

A pity Colum didn’t give Paddy the full story.

Jame Morrissey,
Dublin 4.

Any excuse


Ireland’s political parties have been urged by the National Union of Journalists to tackle the thorny issue of media ownership and control in the country.

The NUJ renewed a call for the establishment of a commission on the future of the media, arguing that cross-party co-operation should form part of the current negotiations on the formation of a new government….

Roy Greenslade,The Guardian

Colum Kenny: Paddy not getting full story due to media constraints (Irish Times letters page)

NUJ calls for commission to investigate media ownership in Ireland (The Guardian)

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      1. Fergus the magic postman

        I did mean that yes. The internet is marvellous, and there is lots of it to explore outside of broadsheet. You should try venturing outside of these walls sometimes.

        Maybe find some articles somewhere that you agree with, or find a forum that covers something you are passionate about, or at least find agreeable. You’ll feel better for it.

        1. rotide

          “there is lots of it to explore outside of broadsheet. You should try venturing outside of these walls sometimes.”

          Say’s the guy who one post up tried to google broadsheet.

        2. Mickey Twopints

          Hey Fergus! You know those annoying yappy snappy commenters who just have to say something about everything? The ones that remind you of a bad-tempered Jack Russell or a precious little Bichon Frise?

          Yes, those.

          Ignore them.

  1. Tired old refrain

    he’s a gas ticket is James
    fair fupping play – that was a really good comeback

  2. M

    His point is well made – I can’t remember Kenny ever criticising Irish media for anything, ever.

    The Communication Dept at DCU is supposed to be the centre of academic inquiry into journalism in this country – and I can’t think of a single instance of anybody there who has ever criticised any aspect of the Irish media.. So much for critical analysis there..

    His point about O’Brien not controlling Independent Media or Communicorp is comical though.

    The next time he rings up a journalist at Newstalk and berates them for having Robert Fisk on (as recounted by Eamon Dunphy) the journalist should just tell him that it is nothing to do with him so…

  3. M

    Jez Rory just Google it:

    “My experience at Newstalk offers no such reassurance. As editor and presenter of The Breakfast Show, I operated in the constant shadow of a man with strong opinions about the content of the programme. His name was Denis. O’Brien’s misgivings were not conveyed in person. But his people let me know when he wasn’t happy with, say, Robert Fisk, Eamonn McCann, or the various contributors to our business slot.”

    1. rory

      M, you know yourself, some of your previous assertions have been considered controversial. Asking for a link shouldn’t be a surprise/source of annoyance.

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