A Limerick A Day



Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump at rally in Buffalo, New York last night

The gap between seven and nine,
Is naught but a very fine line,
And if Don makes a slip,
As he shoots from the hip,
There’s no need to nit-pick and whine.

John Moynes

6 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Gers

    If the height of people method to discredit Trump is to highlight a simple spoken mistake like this he has nothing to worry about…

    1. DaithiG

      Considering what the 9th of November means in the minds of every American, that a pretty big spoken mistake.

  2. Eoin

    Trump gets the term ‘9/11’ wrong and it’s news worthy? Why don’t you run a story on the Saudis threatening the US with financial ruin if they reveal Saudi Arabias involvement in 9/11. The 28 redacted pages from the 9/11 report. Even the New York Times is on this one.

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