You May Like This: ZASKA



ZASKAGot to Go

What you may need to know…

Led by and named for frontman Max Zaska, this Dublin outfit has been garnering high praise for jazzy, forward-thinking funk and soul, and continues the momentum with new single Got to Go.

2. The accompanying video, streaming above, features a Countdown theme with a DIY vibe, and lots of Post-Its. Co-imagined, shot, and edited by Patrick Ryan.

3. The band launches Got to Go this Saturday with a date at The Sugar Club. Support from Kojaque. Tickets available here.

4. Fun fact, fact fans: people coming and going through the ranks over the years include Karen Cowley (Wyvern Lingo), Dylan Lynch (Little Green Cars), and some other obscure singer-songwriter… Hozier, or somesuch.

Verdict: Big grooves for them what wants them, even if they are little overly sunny for this time of year.


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