8 thoughts on “The Rat In The Jacks

  1. 1980s Man

    Rats. The latest shock story from the Irish media,

    “Don’t look at the corruption! Look over here, at these huge rats.”

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    Tragic deaths of new Brides and Grooms
    Will They Won’t They – Can kids raise the money to save Mom’s life?.
    Hero Boy – Saves Mom from working class drug overdose
    Tragic Dad – Died only weeks after his brother, leaves 13 kids (traveller).
    Working Class Monsters – More stories of class hatred
    Pity the Celebrity – Scared Jamima talks about horror stalker, aww.

    1. Rat boy

      Don’t forget Madeleine McCann fever every year in late April/ early May. “Brit cops: Maddie still alive” etc..

  2. Donger

    Told my girlfriend about this story earlier this week. She replied, ‘oh no! Everybody knows he was taking a poo’

  3. Mulder

    Begob, fair play to that rat.
    Know what he should do, yeah, thats right he should run for the Dail.
    He should be a TD, he has the proper credentials so to speak.

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