You Don’t Have Many Ads?




Because Google drinks everyone‘s milkshake.

…The IAB’s report confirmed the continued dominance of Google in the digital advertising market, with only Facebook coming anywhere close.

Paid search revenues of €176 million in 2015 can be read as a proxy for Google’s share of the market, says Wolfgang Digital chief executive Alan Coleman.

This implies that the tech giant is earning 52 cents in every €1 spent on digital advertising in Ireland.

There you go now.

Irish digital publishers go native to get the ad revenue (Laura Slattery, Irish Times)

Pic: Irish Times



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10 thoughts on “You Don’t Have Many Ads?

  1. Twunt

    What is Google?

    It is a advertising company, not a tech company, an advertising company. That is what they sell, advertising. They are probably the biggest advertising company in the world. So what in the duck are you so uppity about when they make money from what they do?

  2. mauriac

    terrible for media diversity in Ireland.maybe it’s time to up the license fee and spread it around more to independent radio/newspapers etc…also shows the importance of paying for news…

  3. Buzz

    Freakin Alan Coleman, is he the new Harbo?

    So let’s get this straight, newspapers such as the Indo are falling over themselves to sell digital advertising but everyone is using ad blocking software so no one see the ads – so they are being forced to get creative and disguise the ads as content. And because they have no real experience in the digtial world, they’re looking to buy digital companies that have. Maybe they’ll make Alan an offer he can’t refuse.

    1. Lilly

      Panty, do you know what ‘native’ is? It’s advertising. No ads means you will not be going native any time soon.

  4. 1980s Man

    People are so effing stupid that they’ll read sponsored content and think it’s an impartial fully researched and fact checked news article.

    Race to the bottom is nearly over the finish line.

    1. Buzz

      True. What’s worse is they don’t realise that so-called new articles are often not impartial, fully researched or fact checked.

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