24 thoughts on “The Berlin Fall

  1. ForFecksSake

    Ironically you do often see stuff left out on the street like this in Berlin.

  2. Dee

    The no left turn sign looks poker straight in the first picture and positively wonky in the second.

    1. J

      They served me wine from a carton .I am all for the independent Cafe, but PLEASE do not dress up a Slushpuppy ,market it as “artisan” and charge me an exorbitant price for what is essentially an exercise in PR.

  3. clowntheclowns

    I have no idea regarding the actual circumstances of how this place came to close and as a result I wont comment

  4. pluto

    Classic Broadsheet comments:

    1. Post about cyclist being put in danger by dangerous driving:

    ”shouldn’t be on the road” ”cyclists should also pay road tax” ”he agitated the driver”

    2. Luas Workers:

    ”They don’t deserve the pay rise” ”Look at the Guards. They’re ledgends.” ”Lazy b@@@ds”

    3. In depth analysis of the state of affairs of the Irish Health System / Irish water spending / Dennny O’Brien:

    No comments generally.

    4. Independent / Local coffee shops closing down to be replaced by bland chain stores:

    ”sure could be worse.” ”I hate hipsters.” ”who cares?”

  5. Starina

    i still haven’t gotten over the trauma of Sullivan’s being replaced by a Caffe Nero.

  6. St. John Smythe

    they knew the date to move out for weeks or months, but couldn’t organise a removal van or company? I wonder why they went bust

  7. Peter Dempsey

    The previous article FIRST WE TAKE BERLIN tells you all you need about these charlatans. Good riddance.

  8. D2dweller

    They were selling alcohol without a license. They deserve to be closed down. I’m glad to see this.

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