You May Like This: Shookrah



Shookrahannounced for Quarter Park Party

What you may need to know…

01. Multiple-headed prog-soul outfit Shookrah have been turning heads for the past few years now.

02. Debuting as Moustache Latte in 2013, the band had a brief run under the name before regrouping the follow year under their current moniker, in time to launch their Implicit Content EP. Festival appearances have followed, including Electric Picnic and Knockanstockan.

03. Singer Senita is also busy with other projects, including Lakerama and appearances with Daithi and Le Galaxie. You may also recognise the drummer.

04. Streaming above is I’ve Had a Nice Time, Thanks, filmed live in the intimate surrounds of Cork’s Mother Jones’ Flea Market.

05. Appearing next at Quarter Park Party, an all-dayer (and sister fest to Quarter Block Party) put on by the all-round wonderful folk at Quarter and Southern Hospitality Board in Fitzgerald’s Park in Cork on July 23rd.

Verdict: Genuinely soulful harmonies and impeccable musicianship, meet whip-crack tunes.


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  1. Digs

    This is retro…. Seriously, this song is relatively old??? Why did BS. hire this dim witted music and new movie commentator. Greatits.

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