Meanwhile, At Leinster House



Journalist Martina Fitzgerald being interrupted on RTÉ News in April

Sarah Bardon, in the Irish Times, reports:

Television reporters are to be allowed broadcast from inside the precincts of Leinster House to prevent protesters getting on screen in the background or performing infantile pranks during live broadcasts.

The Oireachtas Committee on Procedure and Privileges (CPP) was told the health and safety situation for reporters and camera staff was “so acute that it is not feasible for them to cover [proceedings] from Molesworth Street or Merrion Square”.

The 13-member committee agreed to allow RTÉ use the portico position and the souvenir shop beside the gates of Leinster House.

… The decision was taken after RTÉ political correspondent Martina Fitzgerald was interrupted during live broadcasts. The same facility is likely to be given to TV3 and UTV.


Fans of the insider-outsider theory might say…


TV reporters to move inside Dáil gates to thwart protesters (Irish Times)

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Pic: Tommy English

23 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At Leinster House

      1. Harry Molloy

        she’s selling cup cakes in Bushy Park most Saturdays if you want to see her sooner

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Jesu, real desperation on the part of Fascist Gael. We should, of course, be grateful they haven’t as yet employed more robust forms of “news management”. I ask all independent TD’s – do you believe you are now a superior being on account of (in some cases) a pitiful few votes? If your answer is No, oppose this measure. We have come to this NO DISSENT will be tolerated – disgraceful.

      1. Rob_G

        I can’t wait until this fascist crackdown is extended to hysterical internet commenters.

  1. olllie

    safety situation for reporters and camera staff was “so acute”
    State broadcaster must be kept sweet

  2. ahjayzis

    Better to just abolish the cliché of having reporters standing on the street feeding information to the studio the studio relayed to them five minutes beforehand. It’d save petrol if nothing else.

      1. bubbleandsqueak

        The real reason this is so popular with RTE staff is it qualifies as an outside broadcast and there are significant increases in their paypacket whenever they do one.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Agree 100%, Ahjaysis. It has gone way past a pain in the rectum at this stage.

    2. Kieran NYC

      Same as the news touting something as ‘live’, as if the technology has just been invented.

  3. nellyb

    Is acute annoyance a health and safety issue now? RTE itself is health and safety hazard then.
    Or were there attacks on reporters n crew? Hope not.

    1. Anne

      These protesters are the most entertaining thing on RTE.. not an annoyance at all IMO.

    2. Rugbyfan

      If acute annoyance a health and safety issue now RTS should take Joe Miriam et al off the airwaves and get some real talent in!

  4. Eoin

    Infantile pranks? Hmmm. Well that woman pictured stated on live TV that if voting made any difference it’d be illegal. Not sure if that’s a Mark Twain quote but it was more informative than whatever propaganda RTE were spewing at the time.

  5. Maria

    As long as RTE keep on spewing out the rubbish propaganda speak of politicians, Leinster House will protect them. Between this and the ‘no barricades’ for the Garda protest we really do live in an unequal society. RTE should be abolished, not protected!

  6. TheDude

    In fairness it makes sense to shut down Montrose and re-centralise the propaganda ministry back where it belongs

  7. Mulder

    What about the roof of the dail could not broadcast from there.
    Hot air up in the sky sort of thing.

  8. Truth in the News

    Is there any Leinster House “Holy Water” for sale in the shop, Irish Water missed
    out on this one, the best solution is abolish RTE…..what difference whether they
    outside or inside, its the same lies and spin and whats worse, they now believe it
    themselves….but we don’t.

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