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ELLLLnew EP due soon on Art for Blind

What you may need to know…

01. Ellen King, aka ELLLL, specialises in a brooding, minimal, dark techno.

02. Emerging quietly from Cork’s noise and sound art scene, ELLLL’s work has taken a beatsier turn in recent years. A founder member of the GASH Collective, a platform for women in Irish electronica, she’s pictured above in the middle of her recent set for Boiler Room in Dublin, having also recently featured at Life and Open Ear festivals.

03. Streaming above is the video for recent single ROMANCE. Video compiled and edited by Louise Adelaide McKeown.

04. King’s debut EP is due for physical release by the end of the summer on Cork/Sligo/Leeds label Art for Blind Records. Catch her next at Bastardo Electrico’s next night at Cyprus Avenue in Cork, sharing a bill with Berlin electronic collective Killekill.

Verdict: A quiet but assured presence in Irish electronic music. Propulsive without sacrificing atmosphere or minimalism, the upcoming extended-play ought to be a treat.


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