Meanwhile, In Cork



Further to the graffiti incident at Anti-Austerity Alliance TD Mick Barry and Cork City Councillor Fiona Ryan’s office in Blackpool, Cork last week…

Mick Barry tweetz:

All male anti-choice picket of my constituency office today. Vile abuse shouted at two women who had the audacity to challenge them.

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41 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Cork

        1. RobertasYourLGBTQParentsSibling

          Doubt it. Perhaps there is some dump locally that he also doesn’t care for and feels the dump issue is more important than this pro choice nonsense?

    1. well

      There is a dispute on cork over a dump or something afaik which these guys think should take precedent.

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        Thanks for this explanation, well. Lessee, a rubbish dump on the one hand, and civil rights on the other – mmmmm. No contest, really , and we all know it.

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    These type of lads are the ones who have their hand drawn posters confiscated from them and get handed a balloon or a slickly printed slogan and shoved to the back of anti-choice rallies.

    1. The Real Jane

      Women’s bodies shouldn’t be democracies, that’s the problem that women are having here. We should have sole control over our bodies, but for some reason, you and these lads seem to think that the bodies of women are some kind of publicly administered community resource.

        1. The Real Jane

          If you’re old enough to find someone to FGM you up, I think you’re probably entitled to make what I would consider an unwise decision on your own body. This is my view on all kinds of bodily modification. If you are suggesting that I think parents should be entitled to subject infants to any kind of medically unnecessary surgery, no I don’t think that.

          Hope that’s all nicely cleared up and you can finally get some rest.

        2. ahjayzis

          You’ve just argued for a pro-choice position.

          I don’t believe parents should mutilate their kids – their body, their choice, when they’re old enough to make it.

          1. OhRowShayDoVahaWaile

            Ooh slippery slope

            He’s gonna come
            In now with some zinger
            It’s never been done before
            A below the belt winner
            Hoisting you on our petard
            Oh look! Hark! Hail the baby-killer!
            We caught him literally with his lad extant
            We are the Knights the forward Christian daily
            We want the world and we want it

  2. Sheik Yahbouti

    On another note just saw RTE’s Ad for their “exciting” budget coverage :-( This crap has to end. Why don’t we just apply to Germany if there’s some detail we’re interested in? More theatre and farce about eff all.

  3. gallantman

    Grand. Won’t win this battle by getting all offended when people express a different point of view.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Fairly ungallant, if you ask me – unless, of course, you’re talking about that unfortunate, mentally ill person wearing a cap?

  4. nellyb

    Shouldn’t these two stand around with Sheila Hodgers’ or Savita Halopanavar’s photographs?
    The ultimate poster girls who gave their lives lives for the cause. They were forced to die, but they did die for that cause. Shouldn’t their ultimate sacrifice be deeply and OPENLY respected by pro-life? A public commemoration of death anniversary, at the very minimum and as a token of respect, even if there is no real respect is held to these two deceased.
    These two need to start scratching their heads instead of proverbials.

  5. fear uisce

    it’s another John O Donnovan protest. he’d protest if you opened a tayto bag at the wrong end

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