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SOLAR BEARSannounce breakup and final single

What you may need to know…

01. We seem to be at that time in a wave of music/artists where people are reorganising or going on to pastures new, and after Enemies and Starters‘ recent disbandings, comes news of the breakup of electronic duo Solar Bears.

02. Rian Trench and John Kowalski formed the duo in 2009, and across three albums explored electronica’s limits via sampling, synth, tape machine and acoustic instrumentation, veering between ambience and psychedelia.

03. Streaming above is the band’s farewell single, Across Yesteryear, available for free download from the band’s Soundcloud.

04. Speaking in Thump on their breakup, the band kept their statement succinct. “We have decided to call it a day after 8 years together… Thank you to everyone that listened and came to see us play. Major love to (labels) Planet Mu, Sunday Best and (agents) Littlebig for believing in us.”

VERDICT: A sombre parting note that perfectly summarises the band’s essence, bidding good tidings to the universe with a long, slow fade.

Solar Bears

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  1. parky mark

    Wasn’t one of them chucked out by the other a while back and had some other guy playing the live shows?
    Solo Bears was the joke going around at the time.

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