Meanwhile, In PAC



John Collison, deputy head of asset recovery at Nama at time of Project Eagle sale


Nama officials are appearing before the Public Accounts Committee to discuss the sale of Project Eagle in light of the Comptroller and Auditor General’s report into the sale.

Those appearing include John Collison, deputy head of asset recovery at Nama at the time of the sale; Michael Moriarty, now the current head of asset recover at Nama; Alan Stewart, senior divisional solicitor; and Donal Rooney, former chief financial officer at Nama.



Today’s proceedings can be watched live here


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4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In PAC

  1. nellyb

    If Mick Wallace wrote all he knows into a factual book but with fictitious names, it would have done a better job than this legally impotent inquiry. And a lot of money saved.
    And I suggest we gift Coshnahan with Irish passport, sign him up to either FG or FF and elect to ministry of finance. He come across as Noonan’s twin at times.

  2. Toni the exotic dancer

    Can’t we just let NAMA get on with the job of selling off all the tax-payer owned land and property at a discount please so it can then continue to be hoarded? It’s not like there is a property crisis now is there.

  3. Kolmo

    3 FG TD’s there today? Since when did the concerns of the lowly taxpayer concern them all of a sudden, like? I’d say they’re just handing in cv’s to get on the board of the set of chancers being investigated…

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