You May Like This: ELLL



ELLLLreleasing new extended-player Romance

What you may need to know…

01. Last time we checked in with ELLLL, she’d been putting the finishing touches on her first “proper” collection of songs after years of gigging and composing under the name.

02. Veering from her initial explorations in drone, ambient & noise, and into an atmospheric take on minimal techno, her debut extended player, Romance, finally releases across various formats this winter.

03. Streaming above is the eponymous leadoff tune from the extended player, with a full stream/interview over at the 405.

04. The E.P. releases this week digitally and next month on 12″ vinyl, via Sligo-based label Art for Blind, with the quest apparently on to assemble more tracks for a follow-on E.P.

Verdict: Laden with textures, and built on menacing, foreboding reinterpretations of a multitude of samples, this ought to be something else entirely to hear on wax.


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