‘There Will Be No Return To The Status Quo’


Further to announcing his resignation as Northern Ireland’s Deputy First Minister earlier this afternoon.

In an interview with journalists, Martin McGuinness declined to answer if he will run in the next Northern Ireland election.

Earlier: Martin McGuinness Resigns

Via Mark Simpson


First Minister Arlene Foster has released the following statement…

“I am disappointed that Martin McGuinness has chosen to take the position he has today. His actions have meant that, at precisely the time we need our Government to be active, we will have no government and no way to resolve the RHI problems.”

“It is clear that Sinn Féin’s actions are not principled, they are political.”

“Let me make it clear the DUP will always defend unionism and stand up for what is best for Northern Ireland and it appears from the Deputy First Minister’s resignation letter that is what annoys Sinn Féin the most.”



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51 thoughts on “‘There Will Be No Return To The Status Quo’

      1. Nigel

        It was taken away and buried somewhere with a stake through it, but despite repeated assurances that he is co-operating with authorities they have not been able to find the exact location.

        1. Vote Rep #1

          Wow. Telling someone to kill themselves because he cracked a joke about someone who has killed people and ordered others to do the same. To be expected from someone in the SF cult though.

        2. Nigel

          Sorry, guy. Must be tough. Peace process means you can’t kill people who disagree with you any more. Have to ask them politely to kill themselves. Not so much suicide bomber as suicide booster.

        3. rotide

          Broadsheet/Bodger/JR, Seriously enough is enough.

          If this isn’t cause for moderation I’m not sure what is.

        4. Loan Some Cow Boy

          Agree with rotide, this is a new low even with the clampers “meryl Hearts Rapist” gibberish on the thread above, really going to the toilet here

          Go Home British Nigel Go Home :)

        5. bisted

          …sorry to disappoint VoteRep#1 but I think it was FF (Bertie) who called on people to consider suicide

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          It’s an awful form of cancer, and that’s saying something. It’s swift and horrible.

      1. edalicious

        I heard heart on the radio this morning but can’t seem to find anything online about it now. They did say he was treated for his illness and is recovering well though so I can’t imagine that it’s pancreatic cancer if that’s the case.

      2. Old Vic

        Who – Rick Parfitt? I heard it was a form of tennis elbow caused by over frequent strumming of D

  1. Owen

    There is nothing believable about this. He is sick and is saying he is leaving cause of Foster. He didn’t make China last month cause of illness, he is visibly weak, and plenty of chat about his health going on.

    I wish him well. But don’t believe his motives (or any of Sinn Feins).

  2. bisted

    …good man Bodger…deleted everyones comment… except for the original nastiness from Nigel that started the whole fire fight

    1. Anomanomanom

      That thread is very hard to follow. Im assuming like you’ve said comments have been deleted.

  3. Frilly Keane

    Ah would ye give over
    It’s no secret he’s had a sick note for the last few months
    And that Arlene wans’ had plenty time to cop on t’herself
    And so have the Orange Lodges around her

    Tough poo on the Marchers
    They pooed on themselves

  4. Kitty Owen

    If its pancreatic cancer which I have been told it is, it will be terminal. You can only prolong your life with treatment. Looking at the weight he’s lost and the fact that he was badly slurring his words things don’t look to good.

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