Shane Ross, Minister for Transport, Sport and Tourism

Absentee minister Ross
Is making commuters quite cross
He knows they won’t like
The news of a strike
But still he does not give a toss

John Moynes


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13 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Anomanomanom

    In fairness to Ross he’s right, its not his job to do Bertie era politics of “sure here’s more money lads, no strike talk out of you”. The union need to be realistic, The company is losing money at such a rate it will have up to nearly €70 million of loses in the next 4 years. Oh thats with government subsidies already being paid.

    1. bleeschmn

      In fairness to Ross he’s sheee-ite, more like.

      Private coach services are eating Bus Éireann’s lunch, focusing on high frequency, high-yield routes, skipping the gaps in the hedge that BE are obliged to serve. This makes BE unsustainable due it’s public service obligations, SuperDulux Coaches won’t be there to take your granny to senior citizens bingo on a Tuesday afternoon.

      Put a levy on the private coach services, use it to fill the shortfall in BE. Granny gets to bingo and Jimmy still gets to work 20 minutes faster. Then cue the music.

      Unfortunately I can’t take his job because I won’t do long haul flights for work, not even if it’s my own stupid, pointless, Olympian, idea.

      1. Anomanomanom

        So penalise a company, so its workers with a levy, because its doing a good job. But praise and a company thats €25/30,000,00 in debt and €8,000,00 year on year being lost. They get subsidies from the tax payer, nobody actually expects a profit. But why should we pay an extra 8million a year on top of subsidies just because the union calls strike.

    2. The Real Chris

      You would be right if you weren’t referring to what is a public bus service. The fact is they need funding but the government are strong arming them into becoming profitable, a very cynical move. Profitability is vital and all well and good for private companies but a good reliable public bus service can’t be that and be profitable at the same time. They will let these talks stagnate so that when they cancel all the less used routes that people rely on they can say it was to save jobs. And you boobs cheer them on. Do we want a ‘profitable’ bus service with no more buses and hiked prices. Is anything a public service anymore? Are we all just now a societal mass of private people, who cares about less used bus routes or a decent bus service? Should everyone live in Dublin? I live in Dublin and I don’t even use the bus but I can clearly see that Ross’s performance stinks. I would say what they are really gunning for is to push it into insolvency in two years and sell all the profitable routes and cancel everything else. Is this what we elect these people for?

      1. Anomanomanom

        Your not even close to being right. The subsidies are there to make sure they don’t have to make a profit, make sure the routes in rural areas are kept, make sure public service is kept but when its still running a €8,000,00+ lose, each year not a one off, it becomes unsustainable. The pay and perks in the company are just ridiculous.

        1. The Real Chris

          Oh yea, it’s a fattened calf and the drivers are on a gravy train. The old austerity play book.

      1. Kieran NYC

        Although it seems to be union policy that they’d rather see the company bankrupt and all lose their jobs than take a penny of a pay cut

        1. realPolithicks

          Well of course it isn’t Kieran….is that one of the latest FG talking points sent from headquarters.

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