That’s You That Is



Or it’s us.

Or ‘them’.

No. It’s definitely you.

Steph writes:

Hello Broadsheet staff,

You really need to start moderating the nasty, personal, unnecessary opinions expressed through your forum; it’s obvious you don’t have a care when it comes to posting clickbait items, but you are failing massively in your responsibility towards the readers who view your site as a source of news and entertainment – the same readers who don’t want to witness the incessant trolling and deliberate contrarianism through multiple usernames which you’ve permitted and facilitated over the past few years.

I know my opinion doesn’t count in the greater, and potentially infinite ether of the internet; but, if you really want to make BS work as a business, you need to distinguish yourselves from every other news site – and forum – by maintaining and adhering to rules regarding acceptable standards when it comes to comments submitted.

Over the past few years (and recently) I’ve read some angry, unnecessary, disgusting comments which don’t contribute anything other than trolling, to the point whereby obsessive personalities can vent and present their churlish and bullying versions of how their opinions are more valid than others – what is that about? Why do you allow it?

For what it’s worth BS, IMO, you need to consider and wonder why only a few+ individuals have bothered to contribute to your channel on You Tube; plus, you need to consider the consistent and persistent negative individuals who comment every day and night on your forum; you also need to consider why more people who read and subscribe to your site don’t want to contribute, whether it’s through the comments or through your channel on YT.

You’ve proven to have integrity and opinions regarding some aspects of Irish society/ history, and world politics, and, your ideology still remains to be seen; notwithstanding that, can you please afford some respect to those of us who are not [yet] cynical, and who appreciate the beauty of discourse, contributions of information/ education/ life/ humour/ 1970s underpants videos/ bad puns – among other things..

Seriously, BS: not all of us are attention-seeking, insecure, ignorant-yet-still-opinionated, angry, vitriolic and frustrated people whose only outlet is the internet – some of us just like to enjoy it for what it is.

Cynicism is a sad and last refuge of hopelessness in the mind and the heart, please don’t encourage it; life has its own way of dealing with such.

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320 thoughts on “That’s You That Is

  1. jeremy kyle

    Hey, hey, I may be ugly and hate-filled, but I… um, what was the third thing you said?

    1. Steph

      By way of clarification regarding this post, That’s You That is:

      I sent this message to BS staff in a private capacity as a personal observation; I did not want it to be published, nor did I expect it to be published. Obviously, I should have stipulated as such in my comment to BS; consequently, it’s my own fault.

      Let me take this opportunity to apologise; notwithstanding that, if it creates debate or makes people think about how they interact with others through the internet or otherwise, then maybe it has served a purpose.

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        It needed to be said, I think, even if it just makes people more mindful of what they post. A little bit of awareness is no bad thing.

        It certainly has created some very interesting debate.

      2. Johnny Keenan

        Thanks for this post Steph. I am have something to take from it and something to learn from it. Very well written with sincerity. Seems to have hit a note with a lot of people.

  2. Bertie Blenkinsop

    Well said Steph, if there are any rules regarding behaviour they certainly don’t appear to be enforced.

    1. rotide

      There is and they aren’t (visibly anyway)

      Every so often someone gets naughty-listed, but unlike most everywhere else there’s no actual public record of it.

      1. Nigel

        That’s why, in order to get decent debate, discussion or even just plain bants you set rules and boundaries and standards. I mean you can proclaim the joys of full-on nastiness and abuse as licensed by free speech, but there’s no shortage of unsfae spaces on the net where that goes on. Well-regulated forums that don’t tolerate trolls but foster debate are vanishingly rare. Over-regulated forums where anyone who looks cross-eyed at the wrong moderator gets branded a troll are more common. In conclusion, speech on the internet is full of contradictions.

        1. Con Sultana

          What are you on about Nigel? You’re consistently bullying and hateful to another guy who posts here with obvious issues that may require psychological evaluation.

          1. Nigel

            I disagree that I am bullying or hateful towards him – though the exchanges do get stupidly personal, which I always end up regretting – and think that suggesting that someone you disagree with needs psychological evaluation is, frankly, bullying and hateful. Your own arbitrary veering between nasty snideness and judgemental snottiness is hardly a good example to anyone.

          2. Clampers Outside!

            There you are, was wondering where you’d got to Taanentless the Ineffective or Taanbuaagam or Con Sultana ….

            Remember when you wrote this…

            “I don’t use Clamps obvious mental health issues “against” him, in fact I initially advised him to seek professional help and not be on this talking to anonymous strangers about his issues. He responded to this by calling it an “accusation” like I had picked at a running sore.

            It’s one of two things you see, either

            a) Clampers is a fraud and has no real mental health issues but is using that as an excuse as he says himself to beg tolerance with the likes of decent folks like you Nigel, for what he calls his “bias”, but to most people here looks like right old fashioned misogyny and misandry

            b) Clampers has real issues and as such should not be on here ranting on about his various problems as if nothing else it could be detrimental to his future career or family members to read all this highly personal stuff.

            Either way it’s not appropriate behavior for a public blogging site.

            – – – – –

            I added another
            c) A healthy recovery. I don’t have mental issues Con. Only you have taken it upon yourself to label me as such to your own ends, for whatever warped reasons they may be.
            Funny how you didn’t even think the possibility of recovery. I believe that is because you are ignorant of, and have no experience with the subject, either with yourself or any person in your life. It’s the only way I can see an explanation for the ignorance on display above.

            Possibly the worst comment I’ve ever had leveled at me on this site, that wasn’t deleted…. and that’s sayin’ somethin’

            Thank fupp for thick skin, wha ! :)

          3. Clampers Outside!

            Myself and Nigel got personal in the past, and between us, we did agree to halt it. It has bubbled up between us since, but it never went full on personal attack by either of us since we had our piece pipe moment. And we have been for the vast most part, quite civil to each other since.

            Con… or whatever you go by now… you are the most offensive commenter to grace the pages here IMO, but I wouldn’t have you banned in a fit… censor or delete a foul comments like anyone else, but I wouldn’t ban you…. even if I could… :)

          4. Spaghetti Hoop

            +1 Clampers.
            If one’s skin was in anyway on the thin side a good oul Broadsheet blasting will soon toughen it up!

        2. anne

          If you want rules and boundaries head to Bock’s ( the Robber). He looks to be back in business after a 2 week sabbatical. He’s back as the world went to sh*t while he was away and Trump needs sortin’.

          You’ll be keeping on topic and humour is not allowed unless you’re the author. Got it? we won’t be progressing any further until you confirm.. no one reply to this individual please until he answers me. You like that?

      2. rotide

        Well that’s the thing, it’s not freedom of speech at all. You can’t boo boo or mention wing-wong or flibber the name of the whatsit without going into auto-moderation

        1. Deluded

          An odd edit or a clumsy jibe, anyway, am hi-jacking.

          Dedicated trolls will circumvent any and all efforts. They don’t even have to be anonymous. kevinmyers.jpg.

          You can choose to respond to people who interest you or reply to comments with some of your own thoughts and information and ignore the griefers.

          I don’t understand the appeal of circular arguments but you must see how easy it is to enrage the pompous, bloviating, self-absorbed and intransigent and expose their gaps in logic and basic hypocrisies.
          Or not. Whatever.

      3. Tony O'Leary

        I think scottser, you have proven Steph’s point. You may think that “this is freedom of speech in all its ugly glory” and I think it is good to have a forum where differing opinions can be aired (safely). But by calling Steph a boo-boo you have negated your argument by resorting to unnecessary and quite mean name calling.

        1. scottser

          ok, i’ll take back the douche thing. i concede that words have power but i would counter by saying that this power is open to us all and that no-one is denied the right to express themselves. if you take offence and do not reply, then you are effectively giving up that power.

  3. mildred st. meadowlark

    Well said, Steph, m’dear.

    If you want an example of BS at it’s worst, I’d recommend some of the threads from this weekend past. Really ugly stuff.

    And I’ve said it before myself, if you’re going to moderate your comment section, be consistent and follow through.

    1. Pluto

      Totally agree. Four to five accounts pouring the same diarrhoea out into the comments section.

  4. dav

    What is a “negative individual”??
    One who doesn’t wear the rose tinted glasses??,
    One who “talks down the economy”?
    One that Bertie Ahern wishes dead?

  5. Ultan

    As far as I can see, comments aren’t allowed on the Broadsheet TV videos. But besides that, Steph does have a point about Trolling. Is there a way to report comments on BS?

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Click a comments date and time to get the URL for that specific comment.

      You can then paste that into an email and send to BS with ‘reporting abuse’ in the subject line. I did that a few times in the early years, and not just for persons having a go at myself, but for sh** said of other commenters too.
      Anyway, that tactic to assist BS to police abusive comments is recommended, in my experience.

      1. Bertie Blenkinsop

        Sure you might as well be shouting off the Cliffs of Moher as reporting abuse on Broadsheet!

        1. Admin


          We have responded to every single report of abuse in the comment section. It may surprise you to learn that such reports are extremely rare.

          1. bertie blenkinsop

            Hello Admin.
            I can only speak from my own personal experience.
            I fell that I make a positive contribution to the site and I always try to engage with others in a civil and light hearted manner.
            Last week I was called a cùnt, a príck, a bastård in addition to what was said about my family.
            This wasn’t a one off either but a bizarre, concerted campaign by one individual, including threats and goading.
            I am far from thin skinned but I don’t think any self respecting site would allow the individual who dished out such vile abuse to continue to post comments and yet on he goes.

          2. bisted

            …ah get over yourself Bertie…can’t believe you are still so precious over this engagement…yes, you are very funny but some of your ‘light-hearted’ comments could be misinterpreted. This engagement was like a car crash involving ‘naked lunch’ and ‘last exit to Brooklyn’…it might become a case study…you’ll emerge as a whinger…and you are not a whinger…usually…

          3. Brother Barnabas

            that’s a bit unfair. no preciousness or whingeing in his comments from what I can see. bertie takes pi33 alright, but it’s invariably funny and never malicious. and he takes it as well as gives it. it’s easy to shrug off the sort of comments that came last weekend when you’re not the one at the end of it, imo.

          4. bisted

            …btw…your Kray brother comment won that reggae debate hands down…and I speak as someone who saw Steel Pulse at Lisdoonvarna…

          5. bertie blenkinsop

            I didn’t think I was being precious Bisted but i suppose that’s for others to say.

            To be fair, Broadsheet moderators themselves opened the debate here on this,I’m just outlining my recent experience in what I think is an appropriate context, it’s not like I’m a tramp standing at a bus-stop shouting about it to passers-by. :)

            It’s only an internet forum after all, it’s important to keep a sense of perspective and I hope I’m doing that, I’ll say no more on it now.

            I saw Steel Pulse play the Phoenix Park in 83 but I was too young to appreciate them :)

            Peace Out!

        2. anne

          Bertie, you only care when it’s yourself getting the abuse though.

          Like do you think certain demented individuals recently had a knock to the head and went a bit septic just to you?
          Eh hello…did you just not notice? They were funny and you were fond of them ’till it was yourself who got it.

          Just sayin’

          1. bertie blenkinsop

            That’s not true Anne, I’ve pointed it out plenty of times in the past if I thought a comment or response to someone else was unnecessarily harsh.

            You’re right though, I did misjudge.
            I thought he started off as entertaining and ended up as crazy – a bit like Homeland series 2.

            BTW in my experience people who say ‘just sayin’ are usually sociopaths.
            Just sayin’ ;)

          2. anne

            mods that c*@$ is calling me a sociopath..ban him nooow. :)

            He kinda was going septic all over the gaff before you Bertie.

            I got it myself from Frilly-Mean one time. The mods deleted the poo ..I’d have been happy for it to stay myself, as it’s kinda funny.

            IMO if someone’s isnt even addressing what you’re saying, and just going off on one, they’re talking to themselves.

            e.g get a tirade of abuse about wearing skinny jeans, (this happened) turns out said person has about 10 stone to lose. Not my problem you can’t put the fork down like.

            The funny thing is no one really knows anyone on this..I take it no one from here met your parents. They’re probably lovely people..and I dont really wear skinny jeans. :) It’s so insane it’s funny.

          3. Frilly Keane


            gaw’ love ya

            twas you shyte that got deleted dear
            and I would read again there what you just posted above this
            and what you posted on the Last Frill Bit (Womens Rubgy)

            Yer talking about yerself dear

            so on that note; your the last ‘wan that should be remarking on anyone’s mental capacity
            here or anywhere else

            as a by the by, I’ve Never made a remark about your personal appearance Anne

            by hey, if you feel left out………….

          4. anne

            Eh not true.. the colleague who you called Anne, who wore skinny went septic on that friday post of yours. All deleted.
            I address what you say dear that’s why it doesn’t get removed.

          5. Compassion Cash

            Anne , she is right. You give out plenty of mean hearted and deliberately goading commenting. just how you earlier described.

            Come on now…

          6. Frilly Keane

            And let this really be the last time you force me to say this
            You are deluded
            Seriously deluded

            To the point of hyper- fascination with Frilly Keane
            You even admitted to searching for your name in my columns and posts

            Its a sickness dear
            You assume its all about you
            When in fact you don’t feature
            With that one exception
            the one event you still give mention to a year on
            And you did it again above
            – you keep delivering the point of that piece,

            one year on n’all
            You’re the gimp that keeps giving

            I don’t post on 90% or more of the threads here
            Yet you consistently, belligerently and stawkishly insist I do. Like you’re fascinated and need to lean on Frilly Keane to enhance your output
            (In between all the copy and pastes from other writers and sources)
            Or even to explain why you’re here at all

            This is all very mean
            I know
            And I know you’re going to reply with “gone septic” or use one of my own regulars -“Sucker”

            Someone has to say it
            I’m doing this for your own good
            And the good of the board

            Know this, tattoo it onto your head if needs be
            Broadsheet have never deleted a comment of mine
            And when they disappear, they are mere casualties in a skirmish caused by others

            You need to cop on to yourself

          7. anne

            Just did a brief scan of’s a sickness she says lol

            Frilly mean you goaded me into commenting on one of your friday ‘frill bits’.. it was pay back for me calling you out for picking on Anne Marie McNally. You were an awful bully to her. Got all high n mighty about financial stuff he wasnt fully correct about. like you’re some kind of pro from your admin job. I didn’t like it, you went a bit septic.

            If only the admins didnt delete the poo I’d get it for you.

            But anyway let’s bury the hatchet shall we?

            I’ll still be calling you out for the windbag you are though.

            Getting on your high horse again you were about your ‘jumper puppies..’ calling the admins mysoginists.. you’re a howl ja know that.

          8. Nigel

            Just because you yourself are impervious to abuse – or your threshold for it is higher, at any rate – doesn’t mean other people can or should put up with it of their threshold is lower. Also,sometimes people put up with behaviour until they get sick of it – that’s not a double standard, that’s just patience and tolerance running out.

          9. anne

            How would you go about determining anyone’s threshold though?

            would it not be easier to teach people not to be victims instead of asking people not to be bullies?

          10. Clampers Outside!

            Anne and Frilly… never knew you two were at loggerheads :(

            I think you are both great regulars on here, place wouldn’t be the same without ye.

            We should all go down the back of the bike shed and watch Bertie try woo Mildred with a Curly Wurly and a Gobstopper.

          11. Nigel

            ‘How would you go about determining anyone’s threshold though?’

            Listen to them?

            ‘would it not be easier to teach people not to be victims instead of asking people not to be bullies?’

            That’s generally seen to be the case, which is why victims get attacked, mocked, derided and criticised so much when they complain, as if complaining isn’t standing up for yourself. ‘Teaching people not to be victims’ sounds laudable, but in practice seems to mostly involve telling victims to shut up.

          12. Clampers Outside!

            I hear ya Nigel. Thing is tho, you cannot find the threshold until you pass it.

            ” ‘Teaching people not to be victims’ sounds laudable, but in practice seems to mostly involve telling victims to shut up. ”
            I dont believe that to be true. Teaching people to embrace ‘victimhood culture’ is ongoing thanks to feminism and it’s demented child “intersectionality”, the promotion of ‘safe spaces’, invention of ‘microagressions’ etc…. that’s what creates victims and promotes victimhood culture.

            Teaching people to be psychologically stronger means these stupid practices and theories will have to go on the academic trash pile, where they belong.

          13. Raise N D Etragh

            It’s hilarious the way the most self serving smug knowitalls are

            A) perpetually guilty of committing commenting effluvia
            B) the most dismissive of anyone who claims to be experiencing oppression
            C) invariably white, male and privileged

            I mean “victimhood culture” – wtf are you on about – seriously?

            I guess people like you said that to the blacks in the 60/s in the US, the tenant farmers during the land league, the gays who couldn’t get married and other forms of social progress we now take for granted

            The thing is Clamps if you’re not actually still quite deranged (and I am doubtful as to your professed “recovery” but whatever) , or not an actual fraud, then you are at the very best exceptionally ignorant and uneducated – in terms of failing to understand the damage that your alt right fellow travellers are causing to the social contract- useful idiots all in the mass corporatisation of the western world.

            But hey you wouldn’t “ban” me – even if you could – so you must be actually a great guy right?

          14. Clampers Outside!

            The new name is a bit sh** Raise. Wasn’t keen on Taanentless The Ineffective either, nor keen on And Social Justice For All, and that other one… forgotten it alrerady… ’twas ineffective, I guess.

            Anyway, you are back. That’s soooo nice.

            I think I’ll just refer to you as Rage-on rather than Raise N.

            Have a lovely weekend pet.

          15. Clampers Outside!

            ” in terms of failing to understand the damage that your alt right fellow travellers are causing to the social contract – useful idiots all in the mass corporatisation of the western world. ”

            Oh honey….. you’ve been binge watching again, haven’t you :)

            I love it when you go full-unhinged, snide and personal in your comments… s/

            Do another one ya silly billy sap :)

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      But the thing is boj, your words DO have consequences, and you need to take a certain amount of responsibility for them. We all do. It’s silliness to think otherwise.

      1. Anomanomanom

        But really they don’t. If someone is so sensitive that words from,lets be honest bottomholes(myself included), on the internet bother you then that’s on you.

        1. Holden MaGroin

          That sounds a bit like you’re excusing yourself for whatever you say.
          To suggests that words and comments do not have power is not valid. If they weren’t we wouldn’t comment on any BS articles. No?

      2. Boj

        What is silliness is to read what someone wrote and be hurt or offended by it. If someone is being a douche, then it is clear they are a douche. They wouldn’t say any of their guff to someone face to face as they wouldn’t have the protection of anonymity. That’s just me I suppose. Out of curiosity, could you give me a scenario of when someones words would have consequences? I honestly can’t think of one example.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          For example, Bertie made some really rude and vulgar comments about Mildred earlier.

          I, for one, am so glad they were removed before she could read them. Poor thing.

          1. Bertie Blenkinsop

            * whisper *

            He’s only kidding Clampers, he’s trying to “break up” my “relationship” with “mildred”, the utter cad.

        2. Nigel

          ‘Let there be light.’ We’re all still living with the consequences of that one.

          (Seriously, though, suddenly words don’t have the power to hurt or offend?)

        3. mildred st. meadowlark

          The thing that comes to mind for me is, if you recall it from a few years ago, the bullying problem. A child committed suicide in Ireland over the damaging words posted online about her.

          I’m not saying the girl in question had no personal responsibility but, as far as I know, she was fifteen, and was she to know better at such an age, where she would be easily led and swayed, where self-image plays such a huge role in a teenagers development?

          How can you say that words have no consequences, that people ought not take personal responsibility for their words, when it can lead to this?

        4. Bob

          Well, a conspiracy sites propagated a fake story about a pizza shop being a front for a paedophilia gang, leading to a man turning up and firing off a gun in the shop “to get some answers”.

          And Broadsheet was one of the sites giving heed to this conspiracy.

          1. jusayinlike

            Thats not what I asked Bob, I asked you if you’re going to keep on whining about pizzagate when Mike Pence becomes embroiled in it?

        5. MoyestWithExcitement

          People do bad things because they have bad thoughts/opinions/feelings and they learn those opinions from and have their feelings validated by other people.

          Angry, lonely guy gets told that a group of people, like eastern Europeans or black people, are stealing his jobs and/or corrupting his culture and THAT’S the REAL reason nobody likes him. That’s a much easier thing to tell yourself than you’re actually a bit of a gobshite who needs to work on himself.

          Bright, happy black child is constantly treated with suspiscion and/or patronised and/or looked at as a guest in his own country while growing up, becomes less confident within himself as a result which leads to low productivity on his part and a mundane life in a bedsit/council house and menial labour. Our society and economy misses out on a lot of potential.

          Words are pretty fupping important.

          1. rotide

            This might be more powerful if it didn’t come from somone who hurls more abuse on a daily basis than your average milwall fan

          2. MoyestWithExcitement

            I know, buddy. I contradict your right wing talking points so instead of doing some introspection or showing some humility, you make out that you’re a victim and the argument you can’t counter is “abuse”. It’s quite transparent. But of course, you’ll continue to console yourself with your delusions that anyone who contradicts your myopic world view is ‘bullying’ you. Also, considering how you bullied Johnny Keenan, you’re not really in a position to judge anyone. But, again, self delusion.

          3. Yep


            “so instead of doing some introspection or showing some humility, you make out that you’re a victim and the argument you can’t counter is “abuse”.”

            You border on parody 90% of the time…

          4. spudnick

            You’re not wrong Moyest.

            I’m just amazed given that it’s coming from someone who couldn’t read a BBC recipe without accusing it of latent racism and sexism and calling the author a dribbling pathetic moron.

      1. Boj

        But it’s not complicated…
        person reads/doesn’t read comment on internet.
        person ignores comment/engages in troll hunting.
        person goes to bed.

        Can you give an example of where words on a ‘forum’ have hurt someone?
        Offence is never given, only taken.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          We’ve seen someone turn into an alt right slogan chanter right before our eyes. He learned those on internet forums and blogs.

          1. rotide

            In fairness to clampers, while he certainly has become increasingly more radical in his views, I’m not sure anyone thought he was Alt Right before you came back from your holliers and started your latest witchhunt

          2. Yep

            Moyest, try conversing with him. He threw some unnecessary labels at you but unnecessary labels make up 80% of your posts.

    1. Holden MaGroin

      I did. Couple of weeks ago a few people “went after” Clampers and their comments shocked me.
      They kind of painted him as some right wing Milo supporting nutbag. Whereas I always thought of him as someone who doesn’t have a job. How else can he comment so much on all the articles (he typed as he sat in work)? I never thought of him as nasty or negative in the way that a lot of others are.

      Anyway I thought the comments were vitriolic and over the top. I had found myself thinking (late at night as I write by candlelight) that the comments section of BS had gotten quite ill-tempered. But I think it’s just a phase. It’s like the mob wars in the Godfather. They brew up every so often and the place gets cleaned out.
      I know my name is fake but I think most of the time I comment as if it were my real name. That way people know the real me is a big bottomhole too.

      1. anne

        He mentioned a change in career
        might be on the cards a while back…you’d hardly call it that if you were in the dole like.

  6. Brother Barnabas

    Sorry to be the dissenting voice, you fupping fuppwits [*only joking*].

    I’m not sure about this. Yes, lots of distasteful stuff in comments (and a few serial offenders), but I feel the openness and absolute freedom of expression is the best part of this site. And if you start censoring/moderating what people can say, it’s a slippery slope.

    Just my opinion, And hope I haven’t offended any of you cnuts.

    1. jeremy kyle

      A simple upvote/downvote system where lowly rated comments get hidden (but, are still available to view) might be a good compromise.

      Also, don’t want to be giving people the excuse of “BS are deleting my comments”, acting like pariah.

  7. Wayne Carr

    The forum? Is that the comment section, or have I been missing a whole part of the site in which to tro… I mean engage with issues?

    1. Holden MaGroin

      But she would only know not to do that if she read this comment.

      Oh world! What a cruel place thou art!

  8. Lalaland

    Moderate or Close

    The only two answers for comment sections and as I doubt you have the time/energy/money to moderate them just close them.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            I like to think that we’re more exciting than Fair City but less angsty than EastEnders, and have a bit more depth than Home and Away.

            Which, of course, is not for everyone.

          2. Spaghetti Hoop

            I’m looking forward to when their other halves walk in. Gin and tonic popcorn and plenty of it.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        that Naughty List thing is klind of annoying, Bodger. I think you should scrap that.

        1. Bodger

          Brother, a source of some tension in Karl’s den the office. I would be largely against the poo list.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            I’d consider that to be an inappropriate and unnecessary comment. And one that should be deleted.

      2. Lalaland

        Hey and we all know how effective systems are when we attach that prefix, hi “light touch regulation”. You have a 24/7 comments section yet I doubt you have 24/7 moderation, toxic comments drive people away from the site and deleting them hours after they appear does little but allow everyone involved to feel they are ‘doing something’.

        It’s your site and your rules ultimately, good luck

  9. newsjustin

    I’m mostly in agreement with Steph.

    I know you can report comments. I’ve done it like 2-3 times. As far as I’m concerned, the least BS should do is remove the straightforwardly insulting and aggressive comments….on the relatively rare occasions they crop up.

    *hopes he’s not one of those “consistent and persistent negative individuals”*

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      As someone who has disagreed with you on plenty of occasions, I don’t think you are. Heated debate, sure, but intentionally nasty, no.

    2. Nigel

      I often disagree strenuously with you but feel you’re the target rather than the source of nasty comments.

        1. Nigel

          Not really. He takes unpopular positions on the site, and on hot-button issues that tend to enrage people, but never in bad faith. For the purposes of lively and intelligent discussion people like that should be respected rather than attacked.

          1. Con Sultana

            I disagree Nigel.

            But anyway if it wasn’t for good faith sure he’d have no faith at all the poor craytur

      1. rotide

        +1 newsjustin has unpopular opinions but very rarely (if ever, i can’t recall any examples) gets nasty

  10. Birneybau2

    There is one who seems to get hammered on the weekends and comment some absolute scutter on any and many posts over the weekends.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          hare’shur wharearya goin; n telln me an’ll a shurr’up n yu ony’baken yer own’keks n kabbaj

  11. Paps

    Perhaps a plugin which hides comments would be useful to you Steph?

    Have you emailed the same to FB, YT , Twitter , IG , Reddit …etc etc etc

  12. Milo

    Well said Steph. The zealotry here is often crueller than the sin it purports to fight. But then again, the oppressed have always become the oppressor and it smells that way here too.

    1. nellyb

      “the oppressed have always become the oppressor” – tell this to a Palestinian face-to-face

  13. Custo

    Broadsheet comments used to almost always add to the articles / posts whether they were light hearted or serious topics. In the last 6 months or so they’ve morphed into the Journal comments section with trolls trolling trolls. It’s a shame, and she’s dead right.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      I’ve been reading BS since it started and people say this all the time. ‘In my day….’ Perception =/= reality

      1. Painkiller

        @MoyestWithExcitement: honestly, I don’t recall reading your horrible rhetoric on here 6 years ago when I first started following the site on a daily basis – back when the site was more-often fun than serious. Maybe Clampers could confirm ;)

        Anyway, I believe you are part of the US-style liberal movement that hijacked the site sometime in 2014, around the time of the gay marriage referendum. You care enough to shout loudly but not enough to process, understand or empathise with conflicting views and information (things you probably call fake news and disinformation without bothering to look into the details). The world needs attitudes like yours like it needs a hole in the head.

        On this thread, it should be said people in glass houses should not throw stones but I am happy to admit I am throwing a stone here and hopefully for good ends.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          Yes, the site was more fun orientated back then, particularly in the comments.

          I couldn’t agree more with this – “care…. not enough to process, understand or empathise with conflicting views and information”.

          The accusations leveled at myself or anyone who dares to post a link to any website, story or video with a conservative leaning gets immediately labeled a nazi / altright type.

          In the minds of some leftists on here… conservative = nazi; Christian and still religious = nazi; Trump supporter = nazi…. and so on

          As Mr Godwin himself wrote recently in the Washington Post about those who level ‘nazi’ accusations like a common cuss – “I wanted to hint that most people who brought Nazis into a debate… weren’t being thoughtful and independent. Instead, they were acting just as predictably, and unconsciously, as a log rolling down a hill” – and he’s right too.


          1. LW

            Hi Clampers. When did anybody call you a nazi, or is this another product of your fevered imagination? I’ve seen you rail against being called a nazi numerous times, I’ve never actually seen anyone call you a nazi

          2. MoyestWithExcitement

            In fairness, I said he’s alt right. Because he is. He talks about ‘the multi cultural experiment’ ‘gone wrong’. That’s out and out and alt right slogan chanting. Straight up racism.

          3. Clampers Outside!

            @LW If I have time this eve I’ll go look, i’ll have to go back to the pre/post-US election crazy time to get a few of those comments.

            @Moyest the multi cultural experiment has gone wrong.
            Merkel has said so herself….
            ” She said the so-called “multikulti” concept – where people would “live side-by-side” happily – did not work, and immigrants needed to do more to integrate – including learning German.”

            ” We want and we will reduce the number of refugees noticeably ”

            “Multiculturalism usually has a positive connotation, but to Merkel it symbolizes the emergence of isolated societies within Germany — and ultimately a failure of assimilating immigrants. ”

            The Guardian –
            ” Angela Merkel: German multiculturalism has ‘utterly failed’ ”

            RT –
            ” ‘Merkel admits multiculturalism in Germany a failure, yet continues to accept refugees’ ”

            All these papers and those who agree with the stories, and Angela Merkel, are all alt right now, by the same definition bandied about by Moyest of what behaviour or opinion constitutes an ‘alt right’ position.

            Basically, Moyest is part of the regressive left anti-freespeech brigade. Those who engage in shutting down opinions through delegitimisation, even shutting down conversation through labeling anothers opinion as far right / alt right / Nazi.
            And in this day and age of the lunatic fringe leftists post the US election, alt-right = nazi. Just look at the placards at the womens march USA for examples of how people see the two as one of the same.
            I don’t believe you can Moyest, plead innocence to not seeing this ongoing and continuing conflation of the two words / phrases – nazi and alt right.

            It’s good that we’re all talking tho, init.

          4. LW

            That’s the thing Clampers, I went back, and couldn’t find any instances. And I’ve noticed you regularly promise to return to things like this when you’re asked for proof, and never do. I would’ve thought if being called a nazi had such an effect on you, you’d be able to point to it.

  14. Frilly Keane

    Now that I think of it

    Johnny KK hurt my feelings when he said we were FF FG Catholic Church Mainstream Meja loving keyboard warriors and paid trolls

  15. Listrade

    The personal attacks do tend to get taken down eventually. But i’d say they’re relatively rare or at least confined to certain people.

    Sometimes there are accusations of personal attacks which are really just posts that happen to disagree. They may be written aggressively (or not), but i’d still be against them being moderated.

    Things do get heated, that’s when it gets tricky to moderate the right to reply with how it is written.

    The weekends are a mess though. Coming back in here on a Monday can be like that time my son had the trots and he sharted in the bath.

  16. Clampers Outside!

    I like Steph’s post.

    I’d also contend that – “your ideology still remains to be seen” – is a good thing. A very very good thing.

    …I had a long TL:DR response, but I figured no one would want to read it ! :)

    1. Con Sultana

      Not surprising

      You like anything so long as it’s white safe and reinforcers your own prejudices

      You hate anything contrarian unless it’s some alt right uber troll.

      You’re the main person she’s talking about but she is just like you – that’s the thing. She only wants to hear her own kinds of voices here and what the fupp is she on about re “responsibility to their readers” how I lolled at that

  17. Fully Keen

    Most people don’t choose to comment. I’m guessing some people treat it as a news aggregator and nothing more. Some choose to comment. And some appear to comment on the commentators who comment. We can’t even swear!! Let’s not go too far.

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        not you specifically lol …if one could or even just me
        changes avatar to Potty moth in two languages
        has a ring road it

  18. nellyb

    There are two horizontal lines separating articles from the comments, very very explicit. BUT, if that’s not enough:
    Broadsheet – why don’t you introduce expand / collapse function to “(x) thoughts on (topic)” line on top of comments? collapsed by default, so it would take a willful user action to expand to see and read comments?
    Responsibility is on the ‘expander’ then – you want it – you get it.

    1. Nellyb

      Actually it was a moronic suggestion on my part. Main page doesnt have comments, one would need willfully click to get to comments. Burn! :-)

  19. Con Sultana

    Well said

    In fact broadsheet’s business strategy is clearly to only give the merest apprearing to care about moderation which is why it is sporadic and inconsistent.
    That way you get more crazies commenting

    And we’ve seen how that results in Johnny Keenan thinking he is some kind of Vincent Browne

    1. bisted

      …can I take this opportunity to point out that the BS telly starts with 15mins to go on #VinnB…hate tha’

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          Beauty in the eye of the beholder etc etc.

          It may not look terribly professional, but BS neither have the funds nor the set up for a proper tv stage. It is what it is.

          I like it, formatting issues aside, and the time it does be on at, it’s not a bad watch, and less bland than some of the muck on rte. It needs work and is still early days, but I think they’ve done well.

          I think the Tuam one, with Izzy Kamikaze was excellent.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            Laaaaaaads! Now my comment doesn’t make sense!

            *strops off to room in a huff*

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            They removed Con Sultana’s comment and then reinstated it.

            Or I’m losing my mind.

  20. KevM

    I was waiting to binge watch your podcasts on YouTube and then tear into the comments, but I’ve been busy. Keep up the good work BS.

  21. Starina

    i’d love an imgur-style up/down vote function for comments. we already do “+1”. i’ve had to report a comment or two but for the most part you’re a good lot.

  22. Rich Uncle Skeleton

    I’ve seen nothing but bullying on this site. Why one kind fella once tried to share his story of success involving the national tag rugby team or something like that and you all use it as a stick to beat him with.

    1. scottser

      To my eternal shame i laughed at his puny salary and mediocre sex life but i’ll try and get over it.

      And please spare a thought for poor old ABM. Did he not, in his incredibly bigoted way, bring us all together?

        1. Rich Uncle Skeleton

          I didn’t even know there was an international tag rugby team before. So at least I learned something.

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          The Dr Phil of Broadsheet? The Jezza K? Or will we kick it old-skool with Jerry Springer?

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            Ha! :D

            I always thought of him as a shouty uncle Desmond type. All bluster and no brain – there’s one in every family, you know!

  23. Kieran NYC


    “Ya’ll know me. Ya’ll know my views on moderation…” :)

    For what it’s worth (and to the surprise of no one), I totally agree with Steph and would vote for increased moderation, enforcement of the rules (in fairness), and/or the limiting of multiple usernames.

    Maybe a general amnesty or Great Reset could be useful!

    1. bad at me me me mes

      Thank you Anne.
      I thought I was the only one who noticed.

      BTW, he doesn’t like it when you call him ‘touchy’.
      Not a bit.

      Don’t call him ‘touchy’.

  24. blastoff memes

    Oops, I’m riding a horse through the fields… the wi-fi is very bad.
    I might have sent that message twice.

    which reminds me… it ISN’T censorship we need… it’s an editor.
    A time-limited chance to change our minds.

    it would be very good.

  25. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I don’t like this Internet.
    I want you to change the Internet for me.
    I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I’m sure you can do all of this for me by pressing a button or something..
    If you don’t do it, whatever it is…. I shall be so furious.
    I’ve already broken a nail typing this… Don’t make me call Joe.

  26. Spaghetti Hoop

    I’m only here for the 1970s underpants videos and bad puns, but honestly, there is no need for vitriol. Nobody knows anyone on a comment site but you can really see the human temperament in all its ugly forms here at times. Lots of paranoia, lots of smugness, lots of personifying other commenters into people they once knew. Then again, you learn a lot about folk and what riles them up. With all this mental illness being discussed, you would wonder how healthy it is to go to bed spitting fire after an evening on Broadsheet. Not my bag.

  27. Frilly Keane

    a few things before I hit the road

    ‘loving the new commentators lobbing into this thread
    and to be fair it was needed
    so thank you Steph, as BS Stakeholders we all needed a talking to

    We need Mani back

    I have never objected to a post or poster or even complained about one

    Its the t’internet
    Gogshytes, Morons, Flamers, Multiples, the Medicated the Angry and the Lonely – there’s room for us all

    Peace Out!
    Ha – couldn’t help meself

    1. anne

      ha ha “i never objected” ha ha
      You’re deluded. Im off out to enjoy the me skinny jeans.

      1. Frilly Keane

        I haven’t
        Not once

        The Higher Authority that is Bodger can confirm
        Likewise what posts of mine have been deleted

        And interestingly
        I was held up in a “hold it over” today so I actually did research Anne Marie McNally’s columns.
        So you better get a grip of yourself before I get a chance to post up the stats

        You’re all in for an Eye-opener

        1. bisted

          …in fairness, Anne Marie McNally tried to use this site for her own self-serving, bandwagon-jumping, opportunist ends…on the one hand she was wringing her hands at the sleveen antics of the FFers and the government parties while plastering Dublin with her posters announcing ‘public meetings’ and tactics that would make a Healy-Rae blush…

          1. Raise N D Etragh

            Agree 100%

            She was also really snippy to any dissenters

            Her political career was a predictable failure

          2. Frilly Keane

            My posts comments replies whatever yer having yourself
            ON ANY BS THREAD
            Were Not or EVER specially targeted for deletion

            And your specific targeting of me
            Particularly your fixation of a column over a year ago
            Is disturbing
            And creepy

            You are Stalker

            And IMO

          3. anne

            de de de dangerous.

            ‘Frilly unchained’..that was the post..andyou went all stalkery on me there and comments from you were deleted there.
            You’re dottin’

          4. Frilly Keane

            Here it is everyone


            Looks like the lunatic stalker asked Broadsheet to delete “thoughts”

            an interesting yet dangerously false allegation is in there too; about me bullying Anne, Marie McNally. But as you can see by May 6th – date of the above link and the start of January of the same year, of a total of 1454 “thoughts” on Anne, Marie McNallys Columns, 18 were mine. One of them is a “Ha!”
            and it was the season of Election ’16

            So for anyone considering BS.TV – be careful
            A Deluded Dangerous Stalker is watching

        2. anne

          show us your stats n research if you want. You don’t seem to be taking in what I’m saying. You were incensed at her error in stating what’s considered a liability and an asset within the banks. I didn’t like it. I cant show u the diatribe i got from tou rhat they deleted can I?

          And I dont think anyone cares about your stats and research. talk about talking things on d’internet seriously as you put it yourself.
          get a grip.

          1. Frilly Keane

            If you prefer

            My comments weren’t the targets of any delete policy

            Nor were my replies
            My responses
            My contributions
            My answers
            My words

            Christ t’night
            Is this Brendan’s ffs

            Every rhymes with sucking forum I’ve been on in the last 20 years has been “Posts”

            Anne, Marie you need help girl

          2. anne

            Deleted..gone. i saw them one minute, next minute gone. because you went septic.
            You’re wrong, I’m right. I remember can barely remember your name. sucks being wrong i know. Thread of yours they posted some Friday about some gibberish about a collegue wearing skinny jeans ..if you don’t recall your poo being deleted, have a look and you might notice some incongruencies in the comments.
            You’ve had comments deleted dear.. what would you like me to bet on it? It happened.

      2. Raise N D Etragh

        Let’s see your articles Anne

        Frilly’s pieces are not my cup of tea or cuppa’tae even

        But I admire her for having a go and exposing herself to all the ridicule that goes with it

        You on the other hand are just a particularly obnoxious and sad troll/hurler on the ditch frequently referring to our finance minister for example using terms that a schoolboy wouldn’t be proud of- and that’s just one example. Truly pathetic.

  28. Raise N D Etragh

    Brilliant idea Steph

    Shame that you don’t get out more though

    The world changed post 9 11

  29. Milo

    I haven’t heard such a stream of narcicistic navel gazing since the early days of AA. Back when they kept it real.

  30. Rich Uncle Skeleton

    The good news is RTE have commissioned a Broadsheet sitcom. Press release:

    “‘Broadsheet’ is a sitcom based on the popular website. Tune in as we join the Murphy clan, a typical Irish family of Mammy, Daddy and 3 kids in 1980s Ireland. From getting up for mass on a Sunday morning to conversations about their favourite crisp and switching off (or switching on) the immersion, The Murphys (or Broadsheet) is a nostalgic look at everything you loved and remember and also still love and currently experience in Ireland.”

    They really stick to their guns about what kind of comedy they think we want to watch.

  31. Steph

    It seems Pandora’s Inbox was opened by proxy on BS in my name.

    Was It For This?



    1. Deluded

      Did they really publish without asking you Steph? Maybe they were being a bit flaithulach with the notion of “Letters to the Editor” but your point was well made.

      1. Raise N D Etragh

        They didn’t need to ask her.

        She wrote to them without specifically saying it wa private correspondence.

        It’s quite clear they will publish any oul crap people send in as they often have before.

        To cap it all then Steph has pulled the usual oul hag with the churn thing of sayin shurra musha god help us shire that wasn’t meant to be from me at all it was just th’internet and shurra begorrah to be shure sure I never wanted that sort of attention at all ( while simultaneously gabbling on about it to any passing hen, chicken or crow for the next several days in sore, having no other topics of conversation with being an oul hag living down a boreen and all)

      2. Steph

        Yes, Deluded, but as I stated near the top of the thread, I should have stipulated in my original comment to BS that I did not intend my message to be published – I presumed when I wrote ‘Hello BS staff’, it would suffice; particularly when one considers they are very busy, and have contributors from all over the world who are prolific, enthusiastic and educated regarding so many aspects of cultural differences and discrepancies from all over the world, such as badly moored boats/ parked cars, Oxford commas, puddles shaped like Ireland, sexy male underwear from the 70s*, the price of a Latte in Yemen Airport, or, stolen bikes with the baskets still attached to contend with on a daily basis; seriously, there’s really no wondering why my personal observation – which was meant for the CEO of BS – went under the radar and ended up being published… by accident.

        * Personal favourite of mine as I love 70s clothes.

      3. Deluded

        Excellent stuff, and you’re a controversial columnist now Steph, fair play for participating after the fact!

        1. Steph

          Well, Deluded, I’m more Proteus than Sisyphus in my thinking thus far, and I really believe we all have the ability to create our own destiny through change – should the need be. In the meantime, none of us know where we will be tomorrow, so, it’s really about being as happy as we can be and enjoying the best possible life we can create for ourselves and those we love; nothing else matters after that in the grander scheme of life – or existence – it depends on how one looks at it, and whether one understands the angle from how they view it.

          Allow me to steal a quote from Johnny Keenan:


    2. Raise N D Etragh

      You look like Ireland

      Constantly whingeing that other people shouldn’t be getting ahead of themselves and “who do they think they are” etc

        1. Raise N D Etragh

          Everyone with whom she doesn’t approve of re their style of communication here apparently. It’s an age old trick of classists – to demean, deplore and excoriate the choice of words or style of communications favoured by those with whom one disagrees- the clear inference being that those people being lower class can’t be educated enough to comment in the same fora as the speaker – by definition. That’s classist dog whistle like when Trump talks about “bad hombres” etc

          1. Nigel

            So its okay to demean, deplore and excoriate people with nasty personal and unnecessary opinions, but to point out that people are being nasty, personal and unnecessary is class warfare, based on YOUR completely unwarranted assumption that when she refers to people being mean nasty and personal, one is referring to the ‘lower class.’ Therefore when someone attacks you with mean nasty and personal comments, you’re not allowed to complain because that would be classist. That’s a neat way of shutting someone up.

            FWIW, I think you’re making this argument in utterly bad faith for the lulz and because who does she think she is.

          2. Raise N D Etragh


            You’re so funny when you pretend to be all righteous lol Nigel

            Even low class people demean each other – “mutton dressed as lamb” being one common example in everyday parlance

            Read my comment again buddy

  32. Frilly Keane

    Yere gonna ta’ kill me for the state and size of this but I did promise.

    Anne, Marie McNally’s weekly columns, from 01.01.16 to the shock departure 14.09.2016
    and presented in Title Date then Number of “Thoughts” from me over total number of “Thoughts” recorded.

    Keep It Real 06.01.2016 11 outta 190
    Cleaning House 13.01.2016 0 outta 65
    To Reach The Parts Others Won’t Touch 20.01.2016 0 outta 48
    In Defence of Posters 03.02.2016 1 outta 72
    Wheres The Idelogy 10.02.2016 0 outta 136
    Going to the Candidates Debate 17.02.2016 0 outta 58
    Children of the Revolution 24.02.2016 0 outta 47
    What Have We Done 02.03.2016 0 outta 173
    Who Should Fix the Road 09.03.2016 0 outta 34
    Giving It Away 16.03.2016 0 outta 86
    Its Not You Its Them 25.03.2016 0 outta 33
    Tears For the Republic 30.03.16 0 outta 51
    Panama Anglo & You 06.04.2016 4 outta 84
    Your Vote Is No Good Here 13.04.2016 2 outta 36
    On Political Responsibility 20.04..2016 0 outta 172
    More Pricks Than Kicks 27.04..2016 0 outta 82
    Always Left Holding The Baby 27.01.2016 0 outta 78
    Its The Children Stupid 04.05.2016 0 outta 9
    The Loyal Opposition 11.05.2016 0 outta 64
    A Sick System 18.05.2016 0 outta 62
    The Arts of Nowhere 25.05.2016 0 outta 153
    Nothing Domestic 01.06.2016 0 outta 111
    The Fourth Estate is in a Right State 08.06.2016 0 outta 25
    Faith Hate & Pride 15.06.2016 0 outta 139
    To Be A Rock & Not To Troll 22.06..2016 0 outta 87
    Everything Must Change 29.06.2016 0 outta 47
    A Fine Republic 06.07.2016 0 outta 31
    Faith Rogues & Charity 13.07.2016 0 outta 33
    Rebuilding Blocks 20.07.2016 0 outta 26
    End of Term Report 27.07.2016 0 outta 26
    Keep My Friends Out of This 03.08.2016 0 outta 24
    Years of Promise 10.08.2016 0 outta 60
    How Is This Progress 17.08.2016 0 outta 56
    Going For Gold 24.08.2016 0 outta 97
    An Apple a Day 31.08.2016 0 outta 130
    The Man Who Wasn’t There 07.09.2016 0 outta 81

    As ye can see I’m not a prolific as one of you would insist
    However do Draw yere own conclusions from just this single set of stats.

    But I’ve known for some time that this Poster has a very unhealthy fixation
    Wait for the sick assertions that All My Posts Bullying Anne. Marie were deleted
    then ye’ll know for sure that there is a very dangerous lunatic amongst ye

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      A bit like when you’re in the kitchen and your child is alone in the living room, I had a feeling you were a little TOO quiet this morning :)

    2. anne

      Tis not the quantity but the quality as they say.. I’ve no idea why you’ve counted your comments on Anne-Marie’s threads. You were a bully to her in the few you posted. You keep counting though lol

      De de dangerous..

      1. Frilly Keane

        well the list of those threads are all there now Anne, Marie
        So anyone is perfectly free to view all 18 of my comments and confirm whether I bullied Anne, Marie McNally or not
        And sorry Bodger, I’m going to have to insist you do exactly that

        In the Meantime I’m perfectly comfortable referring to Anne, Marie as a Liar, A Stalker, and a fully paid up member of the Pajama People
        So folks be very careful

        1. anne

          de de de dangerous..ha ha sucker.

          i think you bullied her. This isn’t a court of law where myself or Bodger or anyone determine as a fact that you’re a bully. You can reflect on that yourself, in your own time..or keep wasting your time counting comments. whichever.

        2. Anne

          D’ya know
          I had some respect for you
          Till now

          I work in the Financial World
          And what you have just posted there is exactly why I have to be ten times better and work ten times harder than the lads

          There are as many lads, if not more, as “little lady” gobsh1tes that can interpret Financial Statements

          I don’t get to use the Ladies Tee box in my game
          I don’t get Ladies rates for Professional Indemnity

          You should be ashamed of what you just posted there.

          And here’s more of it..
          That should say “can’t interpret Financial Statements” BTW

          I’m that p1ssed off with you Anne Marie
          I’m úçking beside meself

          Beside yourself..

          1. Anne

            And talk about stalking –

            You know the type; the youngest in the group, passed a few exams and thinks they’re a hero, knows everything, and expects to be your boss before you retire. The kind that wears skinny pants to work. Let’s call her Anne.

            Well Anne just exploded with an amped up indignation that was so contrived and fake that if you could visualise it, it would look like a Quentin Tarantino trailer. And for no reason other than just to gain attention. Is this the best use of outrage? To actually make yourself the lasting impression? “

            Amped up indignation she says –

            “I’m that p1ssed off with you Anne Marie
            I’m úçking beside meself”

            There you go now.. you keep counting.

          2. Frilly Keane

            Where would you be without your ability to copy and paste Anne Marie
            You’re still doing it, One Year on,
            The same line
            again and again and again and again

            Your like the dementia patient that keeps rocking in the same corner mumbling out the same line from a Stoney Gray Soil
            Hundreds of times a day
            You told me the plough was immortal
            You told me the plough was immortal

            Thats you Anne, Marie, The same gag coming back again and again at me, day in day out week in week out
            For over a year

            Your fascination over that One line is disturbing

            You are a dangerous stalker Anne, Marie

            I won’t be contributing here again
            I’ve witnessed lunatic Pyjama People like you before

            Myself and a few lads over the years have seen the likes of you before
            It didn’t end well

            Frilly Out

          3. anne

            haha sucker!!!

            de de de dangerous. the way you move sca sca scandalous.

            I wasn’t even talking to you Frilly’re the one stalking me. I said to Bertie you went septic on me and your comments were deleted. Which they were.

            The subject was about Broadsheet being conscientious about removing some comments.. Not about you. Get over yourself. You were the one harping on that no comments of yours were ever deleted. They were.

            I wasn’t even talking to you and your lads can KMA.

            I’m off me skinny jeans. Bye now. Oh and just out the fork down. you too could wear skinny jeans some day.

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