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Ah here.

Pat O Mahony (top) writes:

Anonymous insults in the days before social media. 1997 from the postcard stamps. Took a bit more effort – especially if you decide to add drawings – to put pen to paper back then but it sure ain’t new.

I wonder if the bashful author might now come forward 23 years later?


Pat O’Mahony (Facebook)


Or it’s us.

Or ‘them’.

No. It’s definitely you.

Steph writes:

Hello Broadsheet staff,

You really need to start moderating the nasty, personal, unnecessary opinions expressed through your forum; it’s obvious you don’t have a care when it comes to posting clickbait items, but you are failing massively in your responsibility towards the readers who view your site as a source of news and entertainment – the same readers who don’t want to witness the incessant trolling and deliberate contrarianism through multiple usernames which you’ve permitted and facilitated over the past few years.

I know my opinion doesn’t count in the greater, and potentially infinite ether of the internet; but, if you really want to make BS work as a business, you need to distinguish yourselves from every other news site – and forum – by maintaining and adhering to rules regarding acceptable standards when it comes to comments submitted.

Over the past few years (and recently) I’ve read some angry, unnecessary, disgusting comments which don’t contribute anything other than trolling, to the point whereby obsessive personalities can vent and present their churlish and bullying versions of how their opinions are more valid than others – what is that about? Why do you allow it?

For what it’s worth BS, IMO, you need to consider and wonder why only a few+ individuals have bothered to contribute to your channel on You Tube; plus, you need to consider the consistent and persistent negative individuals who comment every day and night on your forum; you also need to consider why more people who read and subscribe to your site don’t want to contribute, whether it’s through the comments or through your channel on YT.

You’ve proven to have integrity and opinions regarding some aspects of Irish society/ history, and world politics, and, your ideology still remains to be seen; notwithstanding that, can you please afford some respect to those of us who are not [yet] cynical, and who appreciate the beauty of discourse, contributions of information/ education/ life/ humour/ 1970s underpants videos/ bad puns – among other things..

Seriously, BS: not all of us are attention-seeking, insecure, ignorant-yet-still-opinionated, angry, vitriolic and frustrated people whose only outlet is the internet – some of us just like to enjoy it for what it is.

Cynicism is a sad and last refuge of hopelessness in the mind and the heart, please don’t encourage it; life has its own way of dealing with such.

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Heavy-Metal-fans-at-Blood-007boydFor those who tend to rock

Brian Boyd, of techno music-kicking and ‘lethal dance cocktail’ infamy, gives YOU the extended middle finger.

First of all, you can’t put Megadeth up against Miles Davis (that’s like comparing and contrasting Jedward and Tom Waits). And if metal isn’t taken seriously, it’s because half the time it comes across as more choreographed than an all-in wrestling match and makes your average panto look like Ibsen.

There’s more hair and make-up on show at an average metal gig than then at a Girls Aloud performance.

Apart from writing essays and giving presentations about the history of heavy metal (for the love of God!), students who go on to the second year will be shoved out to play some gigs as part of their course requirement. Whereas some students are sent into obscure, draughty rooms and given dead animals or dead bodies to practice on, heavy metal degree students will be giving it the “Hello Cleveland!” in order to earn course credits – an appalling vista.


It’s only rock ‘n’ troll.

But he does seem to like it.

We don’t need no high-cost, high-brow, heavy metal education (Brian Boyd, Irish Times)

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Being annoying, offensive or maybe even provocative online could become illegal in Arizona if legislators move forward with a bill.

Arizona House Bill 2549 would amend the telephone harassment section of the state’s anti-stalking law to include the communication technology of the day in an effort to combat cyberbullying.

The portion in question reads: “It is unlawful for any person, with intent to terrify, intimidate, threaten, harass, annoy or offend, to use any electronic or digital device and use any obscene, lewd or profane language or suggest any lewd or lascivious act, or threaten to inflict physical harm to the person or property of any person.”

“Electronic or digital device” would supplant “telephone.” But the substitution may alter the focus of the law, some contend.

It’s hard to know what way to take this. Probably best not to react at all.

Trolling, a criminal offense in Arizona? (LA Times, Tech Now)


(Hat tip: Miranda Wrights)

Trolls. Masters of provocation. Inflammatory, extraneous, off-topic, thread-unravelling, head-wrecking, under-bridge-dwelling bastards.

Behold, the fine art of internet trolling, summed up – rather succinctly – in two minutes.