A Limerick A Day



Peter Capaldi as profane spin doctor Malcolm Tucker in The Thick Of It

Some boffins were left thunderstruck
When they sat down to take a good look
At those who converse
With swear word and curse
And the benefits made them cry “Fuck!”

John Moynes

Pic: BBC

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6 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Malcom Tucker is my all time favorite fictional (but disturbingly real) character. I believe they hired a separate profanity writer for his script.

    1. Deluded

      The study was a measure of physical performance, not conversation as per the limerick.
      I work on building-sites and farms so while a grunt or expletive aids a physical exertion or relieves a mental frustration, directing it at someone is unconstructive and a signal failure of interpersonal skills.
      (A lot of sports utilise the grunt or sharp exhale- weight-lifting, tennis, martial arts among others- it may simply be a way to tense the core or torso)

  2. Brendan

    So Dubliner teenagers are some of the strongest and Guardian readers are some of the weakest. And Moynes is scenes of moderate violence.

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