A 75-Year-Old Writes…


Michael Kearney

Further to news that housing minister Eoghan Murphy wants changes to Fair Deal to “encourage and facilitate the use of vacant properties of those in nursing home care” in a new vacant homes strategy…

Michael Kearney writes:

Good afternoon. I am a 75 year old Pensioner and totally non-political. I don’t comment on Government or ministerial matters as that is normally well covered, however, I am incensed at a new quirky turn that Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy has taken .

I have been following his pronouncements about all of the controls he is going to inflict on landbank holders, housing stock holders and developers. Now he has decided to turn his attention to the really bad Boys and Girls of the Nursing Homes.

It seems to me that Minister Murphy has woken up to the fact that the developers, stock and land holders have him back in his box. What is it with this country? Nobody at the top and I mean NOBODY has the real desire to make any real changes. We have seen it week in and out.

We have the Gardai sorted out, we have the HSE sorted out, we have this one and that one sorted out. Then we are told that ” Ah, we cant actually do that “. I totally abhor President Trump but there are times when I wonder.


Fair Deal change: Nursing home residents will be encouraged to lease out their homes (Kevin Doyle, Irish Independent)

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33 thoughts on “A 75-Year-Old Writes…


    It’s an obviously policy by gov to just not build houses citing various reasons acquisition, legal & labour costs etc.. That’s all rollix, they own vast land banks the control bureaucratic red tape.

    There was just under 100,000 housues built in 2007. I can remember how fast estates & apt blocks popped up. They could build tens of thousands of houses overnight if there will was real concern, instead we are lead by a technocratic eu driven policy that has visions a population renting in perpetual limbo from cradle to … nursing home.

    Turns out murphy is just as useless as the last c.

    1. scottser

      Go onto the oireachteas site and check out all the legislation that hasn’t been commenced by successive housing ministers and ask yourself why not? Vested interest or incompetence? You decide.

  2. nonononono

    I think the market has learned that if you release a load of new houses onto the market to meet demand, then the prices do not go 13-15% YoY.

    So, it makes sense to strangle the supple to increase those profits. =

      1. Kenny U-Vox Plank

        They are the generation impacted least by austerity, downturn, and the current accommodation crisis. In fact they OWN a good deal of that accomodation. They get handouts from the state on top of it.

        I don’t advocate killing anyone. But anyone over the age of 65 should pay at extra 20% solidarity tax on their pensions and BIK for tree travel and the rest of it.

        Plus, they smell of wee.

        1. Sheik Yahbouti

          You really have not one single clue, have you Kenny? I can’t spare the time to explain things to you, or be even slightly annoyed. Life really is too short for that crud.

        2. LeopoldGloom

          They’ve also had to live through at least 2 complete financial meltodowns, austerity several times etc. No generation has it easy,

          In 50 years time, people will say the same about 20 somethings now.

  3. fed up

    I’d be normally fairly suspicious of FG’s agendas at the best of times but as this housing emergency gets worse by the week to me it’s starting to smell a bit

    my theory

    Brian Lenihan signed a set of agreements with the Troika on our behalf

    one of the (secret) agreements is that the state will explicitly not attempt to engage in any sort of useful or meaningful social housebuilding program for some defined period of time and instead will deliberately sit on hands and explicitly engineer an environment where only international private property concerns can succeed and profit. roundabout public housing is to be made a commodity….something that had it been attempted in a straight way would cause utter war.

    FG are party to this connivance now (successive FG ministers now coming up with utterly ludicrous & pathetic mickey mouse after mickey mouse delay tactic “policies” unchallenged which all amount to nothing) quite apart from any usual local pro business trickery because if ye remember back to the day FG who ordinarily weren’t within an arses roar of being elected were suddenly in on goal because of the crash spouting all sorts of electioneering bllx about showing the Troika who’s boss :) but in reality were told to hold the line and they would be in for a 10-15 year cycle which they are on course for despite being inept clumsy and constantly disappointing.

    so I think the FF/FG government are lying (not a typo :))

    it’ll come out in the wash eventually

    I think the country is now permanently screwed from the pov of anyone who believes in the concept of social contract (actually been for the last 7 years)

    I think there’s much larger things afoot and that we are all asleep at the wheel too worried and exhausted about ourselves and our immediate family scenarios to get to the truth of the matter anymore.

    1. Diddy

      Interesting hypothesis captain.. the parallels in other large cities cannot be coincidental. U.K. ? Exact same stuff going on. Sydney Toronto San Francisco. Our capitalist overlords seem to want to phase out home ownership for the masses.. we must pay up to the wealthy. Feudal times are here again!

  4. Zaccone

    If the government actually wanted to tackle the housing crisis they could build thousands of houses in a year. Its been done before: in 1975, when Ireland was far, far poorer, 9000 social housing units were built in a year. Theres absolutely no reason the same (or better) couldn’t be done next year.

    The reason we instead get all of these excuses and schemes and time wasting is because FG obviously don’t actually want to solve the housing crisis. Why would they – it’d only bring housing prices down.

    1. Brother Barnabas


      10,000 homeless…. it’s not actually that much. Could be solved with 4,000 housing units, which could be built in a matter if months if the will was there.

      same with the health service

      too many people making too much cash out of the shambles that pervades everything in this country

    2. Kolmo

      But there are 245,000+ vacant dwellings in the State – some FG minister and a FF TD on RTE 1 on Friday last was demanding the building of hundreds of thousands of new houses, pushing the view that it is a supply problem – a cogent implication was made be St. Peter McVerry that it was large vested property and materials interests that were dictating policy of the ‘Goverrnment’. Just like the Alcohol bill, delayed due to the owners of FG delaying it’s implementation. Nothing seems to be done for the benefit of the citizen, and if anything is done, it takes a wholly unnecessary crisis to bring it to half-assed fruition. If you open a multi-national factory, subsidised by massive tax breaks, a dual carriage way is built right to the front door with all the related civil , electrical, communications infrastructure thrown in as well…

      1. fed up

        Sheik see my post above

        granted, no way Tom Parlon gives 2 fiddlers about you or I or Otis…but I suspect this situation is even beyond Tom Parlon & his building trade client & political buddy alliances reach

        its not a case of local greasy hands in the till anymore…something else going on here & not accidental or circumstantial either

        1. Sheik Yahbouti

          Fed up – I suspect that you are quite correct. Incidentally, Otis, I didn’t mean to be so harsh. my annoyance is directed at Parlon, not at you.

    1. Diddy

      Parlon would lie straight in his bed therefore his earnest pleas must be taken with a large pinch of salt

    1. Kenny U-Vox Plank

      The over 75s are sneaking regarders. These old creeps should go an live in the U.S. You’ll hear the whingeing then from the old coffin dodgers as the free handouts get stripped away

  5. Rob

    So what incentive do the lost generation of graduates who graduated from 2007-2012 who were unable to start their career. May left for a year or two and came back to the dole queues. Some are still struggling with renting within a commutable distance, with hours wasted on the roads. What incentive do they have to get onto the property market to be told that your assets will be used to pay for your healthcare. With the stroke of a pen the norms can change.
    They can bring in excessive taxes on pensions/savings or anythign else they want.
    If they want your money/assets, they will take it from you.

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