Green Space: The Final Frontier


Green space at North King Street, Dublin 7

Gavin Treacy writes:

I was wondering if you could ask the good folk of their thoughts on the removal of one of Dublin city centre’s only parks.

The space (above) runs along North King Street between Beresford Street and Anne Street North [Dublin 7] it’s run by Dublin City Council and has recently been fenced off for possible building works.

It’s the only open green space in the entire area, it’s loss would have a huge effect on the neighbourhood, was wondering if any readers have any thoughts on it?

Pics via Village magazine, Google Maps

7 thoughts on “Green Space: The Final Frontier

  1. Ailsa

    I have an opinion on it – I love that little run of green and it would be an awful pity if it were removed. What’s proposed instead?

  2. Alastair

    It’s not actually fenced off though (or at least wasn’t last night). Much of the planting has been removed, so it’s looking pretty scaldy after looking great before. I’d doubt anything is going to be built there – there’s space for a bench or whatnot, but nothing more substantial.

  3. Vote Rep #1

    If they take that away, it’d be a great pity. That, the new one beside the richmond and the little thing they put beside the flats there up by linehall terrace all look great. Small things like that do wonders for an area that can look very grimy.

  4. gali

    This has been zoned for development – see under ‘CHURCH STREET & DISTRICT HOUSING UPDATE’ ( (hopefully the development will leave some green space there)

    “With regards to the redevelopment of the ‘Park’ land at the top of Beresford Street along North King Street, Dublin City Council expects to begin the tendering process to select a contractor which should see works start before the end of this year to build 30 new homes. The redevelopment will be named Sean Foster Court.”

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