Going To Electric Picnic?


Ian Bailey and Olaf Tyaransen

Via Hot Press

Ian Bailey, is to make an exclusive appearance with a public interview with at the Hot Press Chatroom at Electric Picnic.

Bailey was arrested twice in relation to the 1996 murder of French film producer Sophie Toscan du Plantier, however he has never been charged and has always strongly protested his innocence.

Appearing at the Hot Press Chatroom at 2pm on Saturday, September 2 Bailey will be interviewed by Hot Press journalist Olaf Tyaransen, in a conversation that will offer an absolutely fascinating insight into one of the most debated cases in modern Irish history.

Earlier this year, Tyaransen carried out a comprehensive interview with Bailey in Hot Press, which laid bare the toll the case has taken on his life. You can read the article in full at the link below.

Ian Bailey to make exclusive appearance at Hot Press chatroom at Electric Picnic (Hot Press)

Pic: Kathrin Baumbach.

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26 thoughts on “Going To Electric Picnic?

  1. Brother Barnabas

    “in a conversation that will offer an absolutely fascinating insight”

    I’m going to doubt that.

  2. Mike Baldwin

    This is ill judged and frankly bizarre. And now, over on the main stage, Bill Cosby and the Supremes….boldly protesting his innocence….

  3. Mike Baldwin

    I think a big tent in which a court is rigged up, Judge Judy style, and it hears real life low level cases such as drug possession (not too much mind) and noise pollution charges and a re-run of the X case presided over by The Hon. Mr. Justice Frank Clarke would be a top draw at EP. If anyone gets acquitted by Frankie, Jenny Green comes in with the RTE Concert Orchestra belting out Born Slippy and hands out Cornettos to the crowd…

  4. TheRealJane

    Bailey can’t possibly have anything new to say. What could be worse than listening to these tedious old lads rehash all this when, if you’re interested, there’s enough information on the case for free to fill many days.

      1. Carl Bernstein

        How is it not journalism? It’s shining the spotlight directly on serious police corruption in West Cork. They provably tried to frame Ian Bailey , and essentially destroyed his life.

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          What I think is that he DID do it. They screwed up the investigation, then tried to frame him and screwed that up too. Matters not a tinker’s cuss what I think, but there you go.

  5. Andrew

    Nobody thinks this is interesting? I think it is.
    The Gardaí investigation in to this case was appalling.
    I’m curious, do most people on here think he’s guilty? maybe you can’t answer that?

    1. Boogie

      I think he has a case to answer. I also think the gardai screwed up royal. I further think this is a low business and that’s it’s well beneath hot press/OT to have anything to do with it.

    2. Otis Blue

      There’s little doubt that the police tried to stiff Bailey.

      As for his innocence in the matter? Nah, not convinced at all.

  6. Catherinecostelloe

    Instead of yet again protesting about his innocence , I think justice for Sophie’s family would be better served by putting out the mugshot and full description of a male suspect Ms Farrell said she saw close to the murder scene. She also said the same man was outside the supermarket when Sophie was shopping. Ian Bailey could clear his name and help Sophia’s family at same time . That to me is logic.

    1. Andrew

      Didn’t Ms. Farrell subsequently withdraw her statement and indicate that Gardaí had pressurised her in to making it in the fist place?

      1. Catherinecostelloe

        No Andrew. She gave a specific description of a male, close to murder scene., that did not match Ian Bailey. She alleged she was coerced into changing description to match Ian Bailey.
        She said the same male was outside supermarket in Schull , where she worked, day before Sophie”s murder. , whilst Sophie shopped. The insinuation obviously that he was watching Sophie. If I was trying to prove my innocence I would circulate his description ., ….he was on isolated road close to Sophie”s house so what would I have to lose?

          1. Andrew

            I’ll take your word for that Catherine and you may have more info. to add but the below excerpt from the interview linked by Bodger seems to suggest she was coerced by Gardaí and signed statements without knowing what was in them

            ” “So, from 1997 to 2003 when the libel trial took place, you knew or you say you knew that you had made a false statement?”

            Farrell: “Well between 1997 and the libel trial I had made, I had signed numerous statements. A lot of them I didn’t even know what was in them, I was just asked to sign statements. I found out afterwards you know that they had been saying Ian Bailey had been harassing me and all sorts of things like that and none of that was true. But the Gardai just kept putting more and more pressure on me. I was just getting in deeper and deeper and it was just like, getting out of control”

        1. Andrew

          It would surely be up to the Gardai to circulate this description of another suspect. The Gardaí don’t seem interested in doing that. I wouldn’t blame Bailey for publicising anything he can as he doesn’t seem to have many friends in the media and the courts dismissed all his cases for libel

      2. Catherinecostelloe

        When Ms Farrell phoned garda withholding her number at very 1st contact ( she didn’t want to get involved as she was end route home after meeting an old flame without her husbands knowledge) she gave description of suspect close to Sophie”s house. A long overcoat. 5 ft 8 inches. The same man o/s Schull supermarket the day before
        Wasn’t her initial contact and information done in goodwill? It went pear shaped after that for her.

        1. Andrew

          You may be right Catherine, now that I think of it ;that she first contacted them anonymously..
          Unfortunately now it’s lost in a sea of Garda lies and incompotence.

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