Commuting in Ireland (from Census 2016)

How do you get to work?

A survey of commuting habits in in Ireland, taken from last year’s census, is published today.

The Central Statistics Office writes:

In April 2016, 56,837 people cycled to work, an increase of 43% since 2011. Three quarters of these were males.

Two thirds of all cyclists were in Dublin city and suburbs, with 38,870 persons cycling to work. In contrast, just 2,330 people cycled to work in Cork city and suburbs, 1,874 in Galway, 968 in Limerick, and 395 in Waterford…


Census 2016 Profile 6 Commuting in Ireland

4 thoughts on “The Lycra Bulge

  1. Baffled

    Did they record how many lycra fetishists wear GoPro cameras on their helmets in the hope that they can one day emulate CycleDub’s YouTube stardom?

  2. Ciarán

    An increase of 43% sounds impressive but it brings the total up to just 3% of all commuters nationally – still pretty poor by the standards of other European countries. Compare it to 39% in Netherlands and 12% in Finland

    1. Co C.

      I’d love to see a comparison of the % of commuters by car in other European countries. It seems very high (for cities anyway).

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