Time Will Tell



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Populist Chancer Cheats Us All

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19 thoughts on “Time Will Tell

  1. fmong

    I look forward to finding out how much the communications clinic are being paid to “manage” his social media

      1. edalicious

        I was trying to think of something that would get past the naughty filter and somehow never managed to think of “testicles”.

  2. Just Sayin

    Yes, are they calling him a boll*x?

    Also the worm at the bottom, About to be eaten by the early bird?
    Or is it a snake?

    1. commentating guy

      i thought worm .. but its green. and theres balls hangin off the seconds clock .. might this ‘gift’ actually be a joke?

    1. Turgenev

      They catch me in the farm, lasagne and lies, as I’ve always heard it. Damn, looking up lyrics always spoils songs.

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