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Ferrolic: a ferromagnetic fluid clock (still in development) by Zelf Koelman – biomimetic forms driven by an internal system available via a web browser. To wit:

Because the fluid behaves in a unpredictable way, it is possible to give the bodies perceived in the Ferrolic display a strong reference to living creatures. It is this lively hood that enables Ferrolic to show a meaning-full narrative like for instance having the creatures play tag. In addition the natural flow of the material, it can be used to form recognisable shapes and characters. Ferrolic uses these both layers in parallel in order to display scenes and transitions in an poetic, almost dance like, choreographed way.



An ingenious if long-winded mechanical timepiece created in 2013 by Turnvator Janosch.

Every minute, a ball is released onto an inclined track where traps indicate the time in minute, five-minute and hourly intervals.

Driven by a 2.5kg weight, the clock runs for twelve hours at a time and according to its inventor, has an accuracy error of just one second in 24 hours.