Free Saturday?


This Saturday.

At 2pm.

A demonstration will take place – calling for an end to the system of Direct Provision – at the Garden of Remembrance on Parnell Square, Dublin 1.

Via National Demo: End Direct Provision (Facebook)


In Trinity College Dublin.

Sarah Meehan, in Trinity News, reports:

A group of Trinity students are starting a campaign to boycott the Aramark company,which is the College-appointed food caterer for Westland Eats in the Hamilton building, due to its connection to direct provision centres.

The campaign is using the slogan “Aramark off our campus” and will officially launch on November 15 in the Robert Emmet theatre. Ellie Kisyombe from Our Table and,Lloyd Sibanda a Bachelor of Arts student in Dublin University College and a resident of the Eyre Powell Hotel Direct Provision Centre in Newbridge will speak at the event. Lassane Ouedraogo the Chair of the Africa Centre will also speak on the night.

The campaign hopes to secure a company without connections to direct provision centres to work in Trinity instead. Trinity currently has a contract with Aramark until 2019, with an option to extend it until 2021. The campaign were denied a Freedom of Information request for the value of the contract between Trinity and Aramark.

Trinity students to launch boycott campaign against Westland Eats caterer (Trinity News)

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10 thoughts on “Free Saturday?

  1. Jake38

    Direct provision exists because the system (legal and otherwise) is incapable of coming to a swift determination if an applicant is eligible for asylum or not. That is the root of the problem. Get rid of the endless appeals which serve only to further enrich lawyers at the taxpayers expense.

    1. Cian

      Agreed. Except the problem isn’t the “swift determination if an applicant is eligible for asylum or not” but deporting those whose application is rejected before they appeal.

  2. ollie

    you house me, clothe me, feed me and give me every chance to remain in your country, you even allow me to become a citizen, yet all I do is complain.

  3. postmanpat

    What is the process for determining if a case is genuine or not ? That’s is what people should be asking. Or is the process so hush hush that it cant be revealed to the public because the powers that be don’t want phony applicants exploiting the asylum system? Personally I think most of these refugeees are lying through their teeth.

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