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From top: Lunch served at a Direct Provision centre in Monaghan in 2020 prepared by Aramark

This afternoon.

Via RTÉ News:

Catering group Aramark has been given the contract for providing meals for refugees from Ukraine without going through the regular procurement process.

Minister for Children Roderic O’Gorman said the Government had to move quickly and added “we have not be able to use the traditional procurement processes”.

We have had to move quickly, that is why 16,000 are being fed,” he said.

People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett said: “Aramark, you will know, have been a very controversial company criticised for the poor quality of their catering in US prisons, for the poor quality of some of the catering they provide for the people in Direct Provision.”

Aramark awarded contract for refugee centres (RTE)

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From top: University of Limerick; Aramark logo; students protesting at UL

This morning.

On RTÉ One’s Today with Seán O’Rourke.

Journalist Brian O’Connell reported on a campaign by some students at the University of Limerick calling on others to boycott the catering services of Aramark on the college’s campus.

Aramark is a food and facilities management firm and provides services at three of Ireland’s 32 direct provision centres.

Similar campaigns have been taking place in University College Dublin and  Trinity College Dublin.

University of Limerick is what’s known as a “sanctuary” university as it provides places to 23 students who live in direct provision centres free of charge.

Ciara ‘Jo’ Hanlon, student president in UL, told Mr O’Connell:

“We’ve written to the president of the university Des Fitzgerald. And we have a meeting set up where we will go and discuss with him direct provision and the Aramark contract.

“And we’re going to start trying to do boycotts around campus, just to highlight Aramark’s involvement in these direct provision centres across the country.”

Mr O’Connell asked Ms Hanlon about a leaflet which Aramark recently handed out to students in UL – in which Aramark defended its involvement in direct provision.

Mr O’Connell explained that the leaflet states direct provision is Government policy and Aramark has no say in the establishment of the system or the asylum application process.

Ms Hanlon responded:

“As it is said on paper, this seems like a perfect argument and I’ve been made aware that the same sheet of paper, these same facts, have been released to Trinity.

“So it’s true to say that Aramark do profit from students but it’s not to say that they’re immune from scrutiny. Of course students go and look at other aspects of their business and one of those being that they’re profiting from these direct provision centres.

“And we, as I said, we have 23 students, sanctuary students, who live in these direct provision centres, here on UL campus.

“The primary aim would be if Aramark would reverse its policy or, if not, to remove them off our campus.

“Now, as I say, I’ve brought this to the attention of Des Fitzgerald. We’ve yet to have a meeting with him. I do think once we start raising awareness, we will garner an awful lot of support around the campus.”

“I’d love if Aramark actually came to the university and sat down with some of our sanctuary students and talked to them about their own personal experiences of direct provision.

“As I said, it looks very good on paper but when you hear these stories coming from people who are living in these centres, it’s completely different.”

University of Limerick students ‘undeterred’ in direct provision campaign (Jess Casey, Limerick Leader)

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This Saturday.

At 2pm.

A demonstration will take place – calling for an end to the system of Direct Provision – at the Garden of Remembrance on Parnell Square, Dublin 1.

Via National Demo: End Direct Provision (Facebook)


In Trinity College Dublin.

Sarah Meehan, in Trinity News, reports:

A group of Trinity students are starting a campaign to boycott the Aramark company,which is the College-appointed food caterer for Westland Eats in the Hamilton building, due to its connection to direct provision centres.

The campaign is using the slogan “Aramark off our campus” and will officially launch on November 15 in the Robert Emmet theatre. Ellie Kisyombe from Our Table and,Lloyd Sibanda a Bachelor of Arts student in Dublin University College and a resident of the Eyre Powell Hotel Direct Provision Centre in Newbridge will speak at the event. Lassane Ouedraogo the Chair of the Africa Centre will also speak on the night.

The campaign hopes to secure a company without connections to direct provision centres to work in Trinity instead. Trinity currently has a contract with Aramark until 2019, with an option to extend it until 2021. The campaign were denied a Freedom of Information request for the value of the contract between Trinity and Aramark.

Trinity students to launch boycott campaign against Westland Eats caterer (Trinity News)