Talking About Poolbeg


The Covanta Waste Plant at Poolbeg, Dublin last Friday

Tomorrow evening.

At the Pebble Beach Pub on Conquer Hill Road in Clontarf, Dublin 3.

At 8pm.

The Dublin Bay North Branch of People Before Profit will be holding a public meeting about the Covanta incinerator in Poolbeg.

The branch writes:

A large global corporation will be responsible for air quality over Dublin Bay North. Yes, they have their agreed EPA checks but what ways might a corporation beholden to shareholders look to cut corners?

We have identified some and want to tell you! Join us [tomorrow] as we hear from the Poolbeg Incinerator group and People Before Profit Dublin NW Cllr Andrew Keegan who sits on the [Dublin] City Council Environment Policy Committee.

(Save Poolbeg)

We Need Independent Air Monitoring (Facebook)

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18 thoughts on “Talking About Poolbeg

  1. postmanpat

    Scheduled EPA checks. Covanta Waste on the phone to the EPA : “Thursday? That doesn’t really suit, how about next Friday? ….grand, what time?.. 3pm…… grand see you then” ( Management make sure Jenny, the flirty secretary is in that day to show the EPA lads around )

          1. postmanpat

            Oh well in that case in sure its true. I’m sure if you looked into it and found out this was not the case he would come out with something like : “by permanently , I, I , obviously meant there is practically a permanent EPA presence , er ..that is to say, w-we have an office we let them use on the days they come in.”

        1. dav

          why should I, when you gave yourself and your ilk, away..
          “trust Bernie Madoff, jesus.. the brain power of enda Kenny on display folks..

  2. Fact Checker

    Maybe Dublin City Council could have directly employed staff to build and operate an incinerator. As it stands they don’t, they basically procured the project and do so on an ongoing basis.

    Obviously a private operator will aim to make a profit. The implication is that the public sector does not aim to make a profit. This is not really true, the public sector must pay to borrow, and must pay interest on its debts. Elderly readers may recall when the public sector couldn’t borrow at all, circa September 2010. There is no free money anywhere.

    There are other considerations of course. Private providers may be better able to build up scarce or specific expertise. There are lots of incinerators around the world but only one in Ireland. You will always be beholden to big global firms with highly specific expertise when running an incinerator.

    There are many models of public service delivery. Some are best delivered by paid-up state employees, some by private companies that are paid for. You don’t need to have refuse collection delivered by private companies for example, it could be easily done by local authority staff, as was the case for many years.

    Delivery models should be focussed on what gives the best results and is most cost-effective. While not forgetting that the public sector has to pay for money like the private sector does.

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