‘It’s Amateur Hour At Save The 8 Towers’


Today’s Times ireland Edition and Noel Pattern (above)

The further adventures of Noel Pattern, pro0life poster boy.

Gorugeen Fingleton writes:

Following my last post, The Times ireland edition have been in contact with Ipswich Hospital Trust.

What was confirmed is that Noel Pattern worked there for 8 months in 2000 and his employment then ceased. He was employed as a porter and as such would have had very little time in theatre.

There is no other record of him working in any capacity at Ipswich Hospital Trust.

Obviously following on from this the certificate from City and Guilds is a fake. His experience is faked. He still has provided no proof whatsoever that disputes these findings.

Further, John McGuirk, director of communications for Savethe8.ie still stands by his man, even disputing what the hospital administration says.

Again, there is no proof. He says Mr Pattern will provide the original of the City and Guilds certificate. I contend that we will never see it.

Save the 8/McGuirk called @Nursepolly a liar and threatened legal action. It strikes me that she has been considerably wronged here.

Save the 8 didn’t do even the most basic of checks on Noel Pattern before they launched their billboard campaign.

Despite all the evidence repeatedly showing that Noel Pattern is a fake and a liar they are standing by him.

Add to that that John McGuirk has not once addressed the issue of Noel Pattern’s self proclaimed criminal past (except to say that he never went to prison).

It’s amatuer hour at save the 8 towers.

Doubts grow over ‘nurse’ used by anti-abortion campaign (Catherine Sanz, The Times Ireland edition)

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39 thoughts on “‘It’s Amateur Hour At Save The 8 Towers’

  1. Andrew

    Outside of twitter and a few online blogs and forums, nobody cares about this and the repeal campaign need to stop getting bogged down with this kind of thing.
    The ‘online community’ for want of a better phrase, I suspect is not the segment of society they need to win over.
    So far I think the repeal campaign has been wrong headed and they need to realise that. This is a very different fight from the SSM referendum.

    1. Shankillfalls

      You are correct that this nonsense should not get in the way of the real issues but it isn’t the Repeal campaign that has done this, it is people online and journalists investigating the claims. For the news media it is a good story to run. McGuirk is their rottweiler – he is there to insult and upset, carbon copy of the Trump campaign. He can be ditched if needed.

    2. ReproBertie

      Wait Andrew, are you suggesting that the Repeal campaign should completely ignore the total fabrication of 50% of save8’s national campaign?

    3. Daisy Chainsaw

      It’s possible to do both, women are great multitaskers. Nobody who’s prochoice is getting “bogged down” in this. Nurse Polly was able to do some simple checking, by virtue of her own qualifications and registration, a few others on twitter came up with some other nuggets of information. It hasn’t cost the Repeal team any money or even that much time.

      Conversely, the antichoice billboards, videos, leaflets produced featuring a convicted criminal lying about his medical experience must have cost a lot of money. It’s now been publicly stated on the front page of a national paper with international reach that Noel Pattern’s horror story was made up. He’s not a nurse, was never a nurse and never assisted in 9 abortions a day.

      Your post smacks of panic for McGuirk and pals.

      1. Andrew

        My post smacks of panic of John McGuirk and his pals?
        You see Daisy, this is the problem. To me John McGuirk is a crank, not worth wasting time over and most people don’t know who he is. I know you know who he is from twitter etc.
        I was merely offering constructive criticism, you have somehow taken that and concluded I am part of the anti-choice campaign. This kind of reactionary behaviour won’t help the repeal campaign, but you fire ahead.
        I am voting for repeal and it’s not me you need to worry about.

        1. Anne

          I agree with Andrew. So far I’ve had multiple leaflets through the door for save the 8th and nothing for repeal. The repeal the 8th campaign are in an exceptionally difficult place compared to save the 8th who just say ‘oh but you’re killing a lovely baby’ and sway people that way. They ignore the multiple grey areas in pregnancy that may lead to a woman wanting an abortion. My own personal story of why repealing the 8th is so important (not an abortion story just a health issue that meant it would’ve been bad to be pregnant for me) managed to get my parents to understand but it’s not something I will be regaling my co workers with at lunchtime to try get them to see the importance. In particular McGuirk is wasting a lot of people’s time on Twitter. If this type of issue arises again it would likely be better to investigate as happened here and when the truth emerges aim to get this published in a mainstream newspaper to highlight the duplicity of the save the 8th campaign to ordinary voters. It’s going to be a tough road ahead and anger won’t help the repeal side.

        2. Daisy Chainsaw

          He’s the guy who goes on panel shows as PR for the antichoice movement. A few people on twitter exposing him is a good thing.

          As for the antichoice getting out there with their leaflets, the date of the referendum hasn’t even been announced. Leaflets given out last month won’t be remembered next week. Repeal groups are waiting until all the Is are dotted and Ts crossed and a referendum actually announced before a nationwide campaign. Training for canvassers ins ongoing and local repeal groups are pounding the pavements. Some of them have been fighting for this since 1983. They know what they’re doing, so there’s no need to be so worried on their behalf.

          1. ReproBertie

            The campaigners are out there. I was talking to a couple of Repeal campaigners on Clonliffe Road ahead of the Dublin Kerry match. They told me that they had been in Swords the day before and in both locations that had, for the most part, support from women but men, particularly older men, were being negative.

        1. No L Pattern

          Burn the flaming golah!

          But hey we’re going to fix all the world’s problems here! Oh YESSIR!!!

    4. Nigel

      I love how the pro-life campaign can get caught being fraudulent liars and it’s the Repeal campaign that gets criticised.

      1. No L Pattern

        Who you calling a liar?

        I’m a lie-er Sir, as in I lie on things a lot, especially when I’m caught napping as in this case.

        sure it’s no problem at all!


        1. The Old Boy

          You need the full getup for a day like this.* Full cycling rain cape that loops round the handlebars, rubberised over-trousers and shoes.

          *I am going by the rainfall radar, there’s hardly a cloud in the sky over here.

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            It’s thundering down. I do have decent rain gear but found out this morning that it’s not totally impervious to rain. Impervious? Is that right? I’ll go with it.

  2. CoderNerd

    The attitude of the ends justifying the means is exactly the same attitude that saw paedophile priests escaping justice and child rape being covered up by the “great and the good”.
    They never learn.

  3. Jake38

    This clown is an irrelevance. The 30% of the population committed to keeping the 8th will continue to do so. The fight is for the 10 to 15% in the middle who are unsure. They need to be convinced repeal is the right thing to do for reasonable people. That means presenting good arguments to support the privacy and rights of their sisters/daughters/wives. And it means keeping wingnuts like ROSA, Coppinger and the other Trots out of the limelight.

    1. ReproBertie

      Is forcing a 12 year old to carry a pregnancy to term the right thing for reasonable people to do?

      If not they support Repeal.

      1. No L Pattern

        I know several 12 year olds that carried pregnancies to term and IT NEVER DID THEM ANY HARM

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          I forgot how useful all caps is. It’s really effective for winning an argument.

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Cian, Cian, Cian. As was pointed out before, all caps or all lower case hashtags lead to confusion: you need to initial cap them to make ’em clear.

    2. Neilo

      And if Coppinger et al can be kept out of the limelight for a few decades after the vote, even better.

    3. Barry the Hatchet

      This clown is not an irrelevance, Jake The small battles are important too. When the campaign kicks off in earnest, the airwaves will be filled with debates between both sides. And I have no doubt that the pro-life side will be (or would have been) seeking to wheel Noel Pattern’s story out in an effort to demonise the medical profession and anyone who thinks women should have bodily autonomy, in order to frighten the middle-ground into voting No. Exposing this man as a fantasist and a fraud can only benefit the Repeal campaign.

      And fupp you for linking Ruth Coppinger to people like Noel Pattern. You may not agree with her politics, but she’s not a fraud, a liar, or a convicted fupping armed robber.

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