The Cycle Lane Of Hell


This morning.

Thomas Street, Dublin

Dhaughton writes:

On the left is a cycle lane running along Thomas Street to James’s Street. I counted 18 cars parked in it this morning. The same cars are parked there all day everyday, even though there is a paid carpark on the left.

That road is so dangerous now with the increase in rerouted bus traffic and the increase in traffic from the on-going works in James’s hospital.

You also have to deal with the cars being over the white lines and the cars and buses being forced into your path by the traffic island on the right.

And all that before having to deal with the hell which is the James’s Street Luas tracks just ahead.

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23 thoughts on “The Cycle Lane Of Hell

  1. Owen C

    Its only a cycle lane (and a bus lane) between 700-100 and 1600-1900, no? So at what time was that photo taken at? And the white lines don’t indicate where the cars should park, just where the buses/bikes should be segregated while the cycle/bus lane is in operation.

    1. Owen C

      In fact, in that particular part of the road, i think the cycle lane is only in operation from 1600-1900 (the clearway sign would seem to imply that)

      1. qwerty123

        That’s the funny part, he/she photographed the sign with the times and yet still sent it in. Must have done it on purpose for the ‘bants’ like?

      2. Nigel

        Is it possible that such arrangements are no way to create safe cycling infrastructure?

    2. ____

      These cycle lanes are (legally speaking) 24-hour, though the (misguided)intent may have been to have them time-limited.
      I’ve explained why below.

  2. Diddy

    How fast is the traffic going really? Just cycle in the middle of the road or slightly to the left.

    1. gavin

      Middle of the road sounds like a great idea im all for it, wonder how long that will last before the bitching and moaning starts

    2. Braaap

      I got clipped by a taxi driver with no occupant and not on any job while cycling in the middle of a bus lane.. some people just don’t give a fuppp

  3. edalicious

    These feckin cycle lanes that are only in operation for about 2 hours of the day are beyond pointless. I can guarantee that the only reason they bothered to paint the lines on the road was so they could claim to have achieved some target of having a certain many kilometres of cycle lanes. Feckin nonsense. Dublin, which I’m sure has the most cycle lanes of anywhere in the country, is still woefully underprepared in terms of REAL protections for cyclists and, given the absolute mess that the public transport system is currently in, I’m sure a sizeable portion of those currently driving and bussing would hop on the bike if you weren’t taking your life in your hands every time you go out for a spin!

  4. LeopoldGloom

    The Hyundai is illegaly parked as it’s on the path is it not?

    The toyota is far to close to the corner/exit too.

    Bad parking in legal areas is as bad as illegal parking

  5. ____

    This is a 24-hour cycle-lane.

    By the book, all cycle-lanes are 24-hour unless limited by signs – there are no such signs here.
    There’s a clearway sign, but that’s irrelevant because without the cycle-lane being limited, you’re not allowed park there anyway (actually, a car can’t enter it all unless for access).

    This whole thing is a balls-up by the council on signage, one that you see pretty frequently throughout the city.

  6. david

    Well maybe the traffic wardens are negligent and the campers where are they?
    But its time cyclists paid road tax and were insured like all road users.
    I say use the roads pay for them.
    I went to cork VIA Bandon and the amount of pot holes on a major road
    I do not drive at speed and narrowly missed them by swerving.
    I counted ten at least that if you hit them an accident or swerving to avoid them if unlucky could of cost lives.
    I actually saw a speed van clocking people for seeding and I parked my car ,and knocked on the door
    A very surprised man quite indignant when I stated to him that not only speed kills but also pot holed major roads.

    Its time now all road users paid tax and for the upkeep of our roads, considering they are now trying to eliminate cars as they are seen as evil as Irish rugby players
    And the money could actually help fund the greener vision of the cities and leave some money to repair country roads.

    1. steamsey

      Many, if not most, people cycling into Dublin city every day have a car at home on which they pay motor tax. Road tax is not a thing.

      1. david

        If they had two cars they would pay two taxes
        All road users must pay tax for use of the roads
        There is no free lunch in life.
        The insurance thing also gets me.
        When they cause an accident ,they should be liable to pay compensation for the injury they cause someone ,or the damage to the car they hit
        Its time they were made pay insurance just like motorists. Then maybe they might be more aware of bad habits and more careful when on the roads
        They other day one was wearing ear phones listening to music no doubt totally unaware and he went through a red light nearly causing a pretty bad accident

    2. ____

      All road users pay tax.
      Everybody pays tax.
      Nobody pays road tax.
      The amount of damage (ie. insurable liability) caused by cyclists is next to zero, so low that there would be no point in insuring them. The only people to benefit would be insurance companies.
      The guy in the van has nothing to do with road maintenance, of course he was confused when you started giving out to him.
      If you want something done about potholes, then write to the council.

      The result of requiring cycling insurance/tax would be to discourage people from cycling, meaning that more people would drive, causing more traffic, more damage to roads and needing more money for road building/maintenance (also healthcare for a less healthy population).

      1. The Dude

        Thank you for providing such a sensible, logical, and reasonable response. Alas, this might not be the right country for you.

      2. david

        Point of insurance is because someone could be injured as a result of your actions
        They could use that very expensive to provide public transport

  7. Joe

    on road cycle lanes shouldn’t be wide enough to park a car in, 1.5m maximum size. cars won’t be able to park as they’ll overhang into the driving lanes and block traffic.

  8. Zade

    Cycle lanes in Dublin only work where they are physically separated from roads, like on the Grand Canal for a short stretch near Googleland. This country is going to be such a world laughing stock next year when Dublin is VeloCity2019 – a title that has inspired other cities that held the VeloCity title to construct world-class cycling networks.

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