18 thoughts on “The Fall Of ‘Ire-Er-Land’

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Meanwhile the Iownya inbreds are furiously scurrying to their ‘Murican funders saying “We still have blasphemy and wimmins in the home. They’re as repressive as hating gays and healthcare, honestly. Please don’t take my expenses account!!”

  2. Nigel

    The Contraception Deception was my least favourite Rubber Ludlum book. Anyway he wasn’t as good a writer as Richard Condom.

  3. Rugbyfan

    USA person……you have Trump as your president.
    Go sort yourselves out before sticking your nose in here!

    1. Johnny Keenan

      He can’t help it Rugby Fan. That’s what yanks do it’s in their nature to stick their ire in where it doesn’t belong

  4. Is Mise

    Lads go and have a look at the top comment on the video on youtube – good grief I knew there were still staunch catholics in Ireland but that fella Bob takes the biscuit!

    ” There will be a massive earthquake here. One unprecedented in size. This is an accursed generation. Fifty years of being exposed to the acidic doctrine of Vatican ll and the protestant Novus Ordo mass has turned this once faithful nation into dogs eating vomit. No sin is abominable enough. We have an effeminate sodomite clergy. The good brave priests are silenced and threatened. From Limerick Ireland.”

  5. Frilly Keane

    Feck it lads
    they’re my ahhh cheezus turn it offfffffffffffffffffffffff

    so ye might be rid of me yet

  6. phil

    Welll fair play to him, a man of faith who wrote a book to help spread the teachings of Jesus as he understands them, and give the book away for Free….

    Its is free isnt it ?

  7. B.M.Zeebub

    Snakes shed their skins which can be used for impromptu nodders if needs be. We’ll be either ate by snakes or rid by their skins.

    Sure, how could the Latin mass compete with that kind of carry on?

    I for one am glad to hear of African priests coming over, they’ll almost certainly know the best place to smite a cobra with a stout stick

  8. KM


    I didn’t listen to our brand of extremists, i certainly won’t be listening to the rabid American ones, regardless of his avarice.
    The MSM has been all about the church since the result. How about the women who made this happen? How about Clare Daly’s impassioned speech from 2015? How about Ailbhe Smith or Mary Robinson or Tara Flynn or Irish Catholics for Yes or Arlette Lyons or Dr Favier or Dr Siobháin from TFMR or Saoirse Long who was belittled on national televison by
    I had it up to my gills with lads in suits telling me i’m going to hell, that i am a murderer, that i am a sheep.

    Fupp balance, they lost. The result on Saturday is monumental- it is a sledge hammer blow into the face of the sacred cow of authoritarian Catholicism.
    I know some of you Gen-x lot are still enamored/scared/scarred with/by the Church but enough. Don’t give them any oxygen, don’t give them any time.
    Look to those who want to change this country for the better, to finally pull us out of the dark ages.

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