Hang On, They’re My Boxes


The crimson phone box that perplexed some readers last week

Of this image, taken not in London but in Dublin 9 only last week, we asked: Was It For THIS?

A pristine red phone box next to to weathered old bosca teileafóin was a visual metaphor that pressed all our buttons, none of them B.



Sorry, Paul.

18 thoughts on “Hang On, They’re My Boxes

  1. The Paul Murphy Fanclub

    I know two Paul Murphy’s who live on the same road, (no relation),and I heard of another one in the News.
    All sound blokes.

    Another one for the collection? Don’t mind if I do.
    Thanks Broadsheet.

  2. Ollie Cromwell

    You see that’s the problem when Paddy has an inferiority complex on one shoulder and a large chip on the other.
    Paddy is always gong to be craving the security of Britannia’s ample bosom and will forever be sad and in his cups that the feeling is not reciprocated.
    Blighty really doesn’t give a monkeys about Ireland except for a cheap stag do in Temple Bar and a useful place for its high street stores and supermarkets to sell exactly the same gear they do back home but at a vicious mark-up.
    Because they know Paddy is gullible.They know Paddy is easily fooled.And they absolutely know Paddy won’t kick up a fuss.

    1. Lou Selector

      You confused me at ‘cheap stag do in Temple Bar’. I let it go.
      Then you bragged about spending more money than you expected, as if it made you feel better.

      Are you the bloke who jumped into the canal last year in the nip who was on the internet?
      Are you related to him?

    2. Brother Barnabas

      had a vague hope that charger would use his sabbatical to come up with some new lines

      same, unimaginative tedium, unfortunately

        1. Nigel

          Imagine having that rant backed up inside you and the only opportunity to spray it out is a post about a flippin phone box. I’d say he’s feeling badly let down after this.

          1. Papi

            Attacker Trout has such a cnaimshshaillliiiii face on him.

            To save anyone the google search:
            cnaimhshail=the noise a dog makes when it is chewing heartedly on a bone.
            It’s “as gaeilge” offending mackerel, so na bac leis.

  3. Ollie Cromwell

    Irish universities have tumbled down the latest set of influential world rankings, sparking alarm among senior academics over the funding “crisis” facing higher education.

    Trinity College Dublin has lost its status as Ireland’s only top-100 university, while six out of eight Irish top-ranked colleges have fallen down the rankings.

    Wahaay – poor old Patrick.Even the intelligent ones are getting thicker.

  4. Lao Tzu

    Speaking of phones; is anyone else without mobile phone services since lunchtime?

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