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If we are to prevent the outbreak of panic in our busking community, then it is imperative that we as a society address the urgent concerns raised by Patrick Judge about reconciling the lyrics of Bagatelle’s Summer in Dublin with the new letter-based naming system for Dublin buses.

First, this is a time for calm, and the situation is not quite as grave as he suggests. The line he quotes as “I jumped on the A to Dun Laoghaire” is actually “so I jumped on a bus to Dun Laoghaire” and, thus, need not be changing. It may be worth capitalising the “A” however, to maintain currency, at least in written versions.

Second, of course, this is no time for complacency. The iconic bus is referenced earlier in the song – “My humming was smothered by a 46A” – which is indeed problematic.

It might be best to draw inspiration from how well our neighbours are managing the comparably byzantine Brexit process, and so to use both bus naming systems for a two-year transitional period.

This would allow our ministers for transport, culture and the arts to work together, and perhaps secure Unesco world heritage status for the route. This would obviate the need to retrain a whole generation of street musicians. Finally, Mr Judge is to be commended for highlighting this worrying development.

Brian O’Brien,
Co Cork.

Whither the 46A? (Irish Times letters page)

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  1. kellma

    He is trying to get Michael Mc Dowell’s attention….. That is some serious gilding of the lily there.

  2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    He turned out better than his parents presumed, I’d say, given his name.

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      I know a Hugh Hughes and a Patrick Fitzpatrick.
      What possesses their parents?

        1. Papi

          Met a bank manager once named Aeneas Lane. I have his card. He went to great lengths to have people pronounce the second syllable, to no avail…

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