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At the Dublin Bus Ringsend Depot

If we are to prevent the outbreak of panic in our busking community, then it is imperative that we as a society address the urgent concerns raised by Patrick Judge about reconciling the lyrics of Bagatelle’s Summer in Dublin with the new letter-based naming system for Dublin buses.

First, this is a time for calm, and the situation is not quite as grave as he suggests. The line he quotes as “I jumped on the A to Dun Laoghaire” is actually “so I jumped on a bus to Dun Laoghaire” and, thus, need not be changing. It may be worth capitalising the “A” however, to maintain currency, at least in written versions.

Second, of course, this is no time for complacency. The iconic bus is referenced earlier in the song – “My humming was smothered by a 46A” – which is indeed problematic.

It might be best to draw inspiration from how well our neighbours are managing the comparably byzantine Brexit process, and so to use both bus naming systems for a two-year transitional period.

This would allow our ministers for transport, culture and the arts to work together, and perhaps secure Unesco world heritage status for the route. This would obviate the need to retrain a whole generation of street musicians. Finally, Mr Judge is to be commended for highlighting this worrying development.

Brian O’Brien,
Co Cork.

Whither the 46A? (Irish Times letters page)

Yesterday: Taking The A Bus


I see that the new bus system will include changing from numbering to letters A to F, inclusive.

While Billy Strayhorn wrote Take the A Train for jazz pianist Duke Ellington in 1939 (lyrics by Joya Sherrill, 1944), it may be a while before “Take the A Bus” comes into popular use in Dublin. Somehow a revised Bagatelle song Summer in Dublin won’t sound quite the same with “I jumped on the A to Dún Laoghaire”, rather than the iconic 46a.

Patrick Judge,
Dún Laoghaire,
Co Dublin.

Any excuse

Dublin Bus route redesign (Irish Times letters page) 

Image: Clickworks

Previously: Redesigning Dublin Bus

When My Humming Was Smothered

 Extracts from The Dublin Bus Network Redesign Public Consultation Report (above) and its author Jarrett Walker (top) at the RHA Gallery this morning;

In the proposed network, most of the existing bus routes that flow into the centre of Dublin would be reorganised into seven simple spines.

Spines are very frequent lines. With a bus coming every 4 to 8 minutes all day, and even more frequently at peak hours, there is always a bus coming soon.

This high frequency makes it very fast to connect from one spine to another, as well as to other frequent lines like DART, Luas and the frequent orbitals.

Spines are designated by the letters A to G, which separate into branches further out from the city.

Each bus would be designated by a letter following by a digit (e.g. A1) where the letter indicates the spine and the digit indicates the specific branch the bus follows.

A customer would be able to navigate much of inner Dublin by treating the letter as identifying a line, and ignoring the number.

Signs and information in this area should use a terms like ‘all A buses’ to reinforce this simplicity.

From the National Transport Authority’s Dublin Bus Network Redesign Public Consultation Report – which can be read here – which was published this morning.

The public consultation period will run from  July 16 until September 16.


USD_CMYKPurringtoncut314c2aa9ae43635d1c9f56872219fec3b Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 15.12.45 Purringtoncut8 Purringtoncut6 Purrington7 ff85486b91681ae34342ab8fd121610f bbbf5d2ea216043f3065a192c47bc7cc 47902bffbf495919ffea9693102de957

As part of his 2011 master’s thesis, US design student Travis Purrington reimagined the American dollar, to wit:

…inspired by the Swiss Franc’s (CHF) ambitious redesign process (the currency is thoroughly redesigned every 20 years by way of contest) The goal was to develop a similar updated iconographic system better representing the advancements and culture within the American society. This particular series plays on themes of human discovery and endeavors to connect achievement, theory and the fundamental properties of life.

Different sized bills? No dead presidents? Nice try, buddy.

More detail here.


d-dock-google-amsterdam-designboom-02d-dock-google-amsterdam-designboom-01 d-dock-google-amsterdam-designboom-06 d-dock-google-amsterdam-designboom-05 d-dock-google-amsterdam-designboom-03 d-dock-google-amsterdam-designboom-08
A recent candy-coloured makeover of Google’s 3000 square meter offices in Amsterdam by Dutch design studio D/DOCK: cardboard lights, repurposed and recycled furniture, quirky ‘huddles’ and meeting rooms (including a caravan), Dutch themed gingerbread walls and stroopwafel ceilings – all inspired by the Menlo Park garage where Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin started the company in 1998.

Way to suck up to the management guise.


Dublin based ‘digital agency’ Simply Zesty has come up with a subtle revamp of the Twitter homepage. Unasked for, but prompted by Zesty’s assertion that it:

..feels like the site has been neglected since its redesign back at the start of 2011. In some cases like viewing a profile’s photo collection, parts of the experience can feel rather broken as a result. We understand that Twitter is designed more for mobile, but considering how neglected its desktop site feels – and especially since it is its main source of revenue – we decided to take matters into our own hands and present our vision of how Twitter should look and feel.

The Twitter Redesign We Would All Love To See (Simply Zesty)

(Hat tip: Aaron McAllorum)