Behold: an icon of the 1980s reimagined for the 21st century: the Amos Lancia Delta Futurista.

Essentially, a Lancia Delta Integrale (a road-going successor to the infamous Lancia Delta S4 group B rally car) modified by former driver Eugenio Amos’s Automobili Amos with hand-hammered aluminium and carbon fibre body panels, a new engine, new chassis and drivetrain modifications.

Yours for about €300,000.


16 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

    1. Mickey Twopints

      Indeed. I owned one for about a week. It was less than 5 years old, and a mate asked if he could “try it out” in a car park where we were patronising the burger van. A couple of doughnuts later and the front subframe had departed this life, taking both front footwells with it.

      Back in the day you could hear Lancias, Alfas and Fiats rusting if you listened closely.

  1. martco

    that gorgeous green…don’t bother its custom there’s no paint code for it

    bar the windows & wipers no electric motors present, a proper serious car

    worth a divorce

    1. jusayinlike

      warning: this car killed it’s last 2 group 4 rally drivers, the fuel cells are stored under the front seats.

      1. Dermie

        Ha Ha I’m just thinking of you saying that really really fast like one of those mortgages radio ads when they say they will lose their home if they do not keep up payments blah blah

    1. Martco

      ah now it’s always a Dino, nothing comes close & in my lifetime I suspect that won’t change


      there’s definitely room in your life for more than one motor, if that makes me a polysomethingorother so be it

  2. Bob

    The Delta S4 group B car was a mid engined prototype. This is based on the Delta Integrale production car which rallied in Group A and is front engined.

      1. martco

        why @Pat?
        Bob’s just giving everyone a wee bit of his knowledge on the subjectmatter concerned
        that’s just what human beings do sometimes

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