Second-Hand Import?


According to the source of the top pic, the Greater Manchester Police van was due to be auctioned in 2014.


Pics: Flickr and Jack Power

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53 thoughts on “Second-Hand Import?

  1. Nigel

    I mean, it’s a cool piece of detective work, but surely the most likely explanation is that it was decommissioned and sold off to the… what are they called, The Bailiff Company? The Evictors? The Bastarding Feckers? We’re Only Doing Our Jobs Don’t Be Mean We Have Feelings Too Ltd?

    1. Papi

      The Bastarding Feckers is a spectacular name for a bailiff company. I can see the font on the business cards now.

      1. SOQ

        So these masked goons rolled up in a completely illegal vehicle to enforce a court order while being protected by the guards?

        What would have happened if they had to have knocked someone down?

        1. A Person

          Jaysus wept, it is a different van. Look at the windows, and no reg plate from the one in Dublin. Also look at who posted the pics – Revolution Ireland ffs.

          1. Alastair

            It may well be the same van – nothing in the windows to suggest otherwise. It’s obviously an ex-police van, but that means nothing – anyone can buy one in auction or from resellers.

    1. Nigel

      I don’t get why anyone would do this. ‘I was only doing my job’ is not a moral defence, but at the end of the day, neither the Guards nor the bailiffs are the problem here. If the action can be shown to be illegitimate or improper, fine, exploit that through media and/or legal channels, otherwise take the PR win and don’t sully it with harassment and potential violence, that just retroactively justifies the concealment of their faces.

      Love the hammer and sickle and the star on their red banner. Are they Stalinists?

          1. postmanpat

            Camera phones didn’t exist in the nineties in any form. You should have said “is it the late 2000 to early 2010’s?!” although if you said that you would have sounded really pedantic.

          2. ollie

            @ George
            Blah blah. Still no footage available. Very odd.
            Good to see illegality being punished. If these unemployed “activists” want to protest why not do something useful, not self serving publicity stunts

  2. Dr.Fart MD

    how is it legal? you can’t legally carry out acts of violence, so why is violence ok legally, just because you got a van and presumably a company name and were paid by a landlord? they are just citizens, yet they’re standing there in balaclavas, ready to kick off, arm in arm with the gardai. there’s no rationale to it. could i just roll up in a used fire truck from tullamore with a few mates and balaclavas and say “yea, we were hired by the protestors to protect them, same as how those guys over there were hired to protect that building”

    1. Cian

      Technically you *can* carry out acts of violence legally. Self defence is one example.

      In this situation the bailiffs(?) have the legal power to evict the protesters. They can ask them to leave, and if they refuse, they can physically remove them from the building. If they resist, they can use reasonable force.

      If the protesters resist, and become violent – then the Gardaí should intervene and arrest the protesters for assault.

      If the protesters don’t resist, but instead the bailiffs become violent – then the Gardaí should intervene and arrest the bailiffs for assault.

      1. Freedom

        How can someone be “establishment” and ALSO “contrarian”? ( Please note correct spelling).

        I look forward to Mr “ I have DEGREES you know “ Response



        1. f_lawless

          could he mean that on issues where popular opinion is that the Establishment/Authorities/Govt/ etc are not telling the truth/ are acting out of hand repeatedly yet certain commenters would always go contrary to that and stick to official lines? I’m interested too :)

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    Harris, a wet week in the job is bringing back the ‘Tans. Interesting to see our Gardai have fire retardant limbs that don’t need the same protection from fire as their faces do.

  4. john f

    It’s an odd situation that I have no sympathy for the pseudo-Marxist occupiers. They are far from the saviours they portray themselves to be. They are spreading a sick ideology.
    That being said the gardai here are arguably worse for bringing in the English heavies, they are like the black and tans 2.0.
    It fair enough what a previous commentator has said that gardai need to protect their identity, but they should display an identification number so that they can be backtracked, the private security should also.

    1. Cian

      The Gardaí do have badge numbers on display[1]- and so can be tracked.

      [1]some of them in other photos on BS have their shoulder numbers – others you can’t clearly see.

    2. Kolmo

      What’s a sick ideology? Law-of-the-jungle warped capitalism is sick, with the obvious benefits of capitalism come with social responsibility, those hoarding property for pyramid scheme profiteering while whole sections of society are being squeezed into soul crushing indignity is sick..I’m no ideologue – but if you keep fupping people over, what do you think will happen?

  5. max

    Hmm 1 van has 3 windows along the side the other 2 don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure they are not the same. has anyone seen any videos of the brutal assaults on peaceful protestors? Government must be doing a tip top job suppressing the truth

    1. Giggidygoo

      One side of the van has 2, the other side of the van has 3. The front of the van has metal pieces put in where the blue lights were.
      When’s your next rocket science lab lesson? Hmm is right.

  6. Giggidygoo

    FG = UK police officer in charge of Irish policing (Irish security how are ye) = UK scumbags operating as terrorists + law flouting vehicle in full view of the gardai = FG
    Congratulations FF for your full confidence in the blueshirts.
    I hope Micheál gets the message in Cork next election.

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