I’d Rather Shop In A Jack’s


Tesco, Clearwater, Finglas, Dublin 11

Rob writes:

Tesco are opening a new budget range to compete with Lid and Aldi [in the UK]. They’re calling it Jack’s – not sure it’s the best name? Do you think they’ll bring it to Ireland?


Tesco to launch new discount chain Jack’s next week (The Guardian)


14 thoughts on “I’d Rather Shop In A Jack’s

        1. Mickey Twopints

          “Setting up Jack’s – said to be named after Jack Cohen, who founded a grocer in 1919 that later became Tesco… ”

          From the link to the BBC news item provided. :rolleyes:

  1. phil

    The thing is , Tesco in the UK is already one of the cheaper supermarkets , a British person shopping in Ireland would be forgiven for thinking Tesco is run by Marks & Spenser’s , its way more expensive here…

  2. scundered

    Everyone feels better after a visit to the Jacks in fairness, lets not be hasty, this could be a copywriter’s dream

  3. Bertie blenkinsop

    I remember when that Clearwater was the old abandoned Janelle factory, you took your life in your hands taking the shortcut through there.
    (that was more interesting in my head)

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