This afternoon.

Leinster house, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Protesters against corruption in Ireland, including Margaret Cash (pic 2) whose children slept in a garda station last month, greet politicians as they return from their summer holidays.

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      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        According to Daily Mail top commenters, he’s dead behind the eyes since he married that conniving sluh.

    1. The Old Boy

      Perhaps, but in my experience they don’t actually believe in the whole freeman shtick. What they are quite good at doing is adopting lots of freeman tactics – voluminous, nonsensical affidavits, spurious motions, exhaustive meritless appeals – in a way that the Irish Courts are quite ill-equipped to deal with in terms of effective case management.

      If you’re the sort of person who can’t or won’t engage with your lender or you really have reached the end of the road, it can buy you time if nothing else.

      1. Diego Costa Coffee

        Interesting insight… perhaps Broadsheet could do with your input on a more regular, formal basis? Would be good to have a legal insight into what’s going on in this crazy land ;)

          1. Trueblueterry

            The only thing those loons manage to do is turn someones debt from €100k to €200k by giving them false hope.

          2. The Old Boy

            In many circumstances this is unfortunately true. However, if someone is completely at the end of the road, as I said, going bankrupt for a hundred grand and going bankrupt for two hundred makes no difference for the sake of even a few months’ delay, if not more.

            I am not commending it as a course of action. The hard-nosed punters know what they’re at, but it’s sickening when you see one of the Hub regulars cheering on someone vulnerable who must surely have had better options.

            I may be wrong, but the Hub don’t seem to scalp people for their “advice” in the way that the swindling army of so-called McKenzie Friends do.

      1. Rob_G

        Whichever family/families they jumped in the queue on the strength of her media campaign in order to get the flat in Drumcondra.

  1. jon

    So much anger here
    If blame is to be apportioned then its to those who presides over a system which encourages people not to work
    Its time we abandoned the system that awards people who contribute nothing and rewards them
    A living wage is the way forward awarded to all citizens and an end to the structure of welfare payments or that when you are on the dole automatically you are available to be used as labour if needed
    A department has all the contact details of those not working and claiming, a company rings to get a member of staff to work
    The company pays the minimum wage to the department and bingo the dole recipient is called and told to go down to said company and work, if he or she without valid reason refuses then dole removed from said individual
    This would also be self financing and ensure the work shy are put to work
    At least they would be returning something to the community

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Yeah, that’s called Jobsbridge and it was a massive scam and a failure. What minimum wage job do you currently have?

        1. jon

          actually its not jobsbridge and yes that failed
          And no no toilet scrubbing glass washing glass collector
          Actually we close in the winter except for weekends
          Our staff are students in the summer and we run one of the best pubs in cork
          Our staff walk out with 40 euros a day tips plus their wages
          And we treat them with the highest regards
          My solution was to ensure no one refused to work and those getting state support returned something

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            I don’t care if a few people do take advantage if one deserving family/individual gets help.
            Have you any idea what this country would look like without a social system that protects the vulnérable, particularly thier children and you too as less people are reduced to circumstances where they take risks to ensure survival.

          2. jon

            I agree to a point but some chancers will have more and more kids to get more and more social welfare
            Imagine the environment these kids grow up in
            They have absolutely no chance for they grow up in that environment
            Something has to change as the whole jobs future is changing with less and less unskilled jobs in decades to come as technology takes over
            We are already talking and planning self drive cars busses trains and robots to serve and do manual tasks
            Attitudes must be changed and the real needy need to be looked after not chancers
            Where will they get the money to help disabled the vunerable from when resources are severely depleted?

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