16 thoughts on “You Hum It, I’ll Play It

  1. Captainpants

    I think they meant that no professionals should dominate the piano – as the idea is for random commmuters to play a few snippets of music before they get on the train – thats what is so magical about it – I listened to an Italian guy playing chopin etudes while waiting for the train last year, and it was like a hole in space-time. Ive even banged a few Tom Waits tunes on it myself when there was 5 minutes till the next train.

    But if somebody was just sitting there playing away for hours, it would just be like the piano player in a hotel lobby.

    So I can see their point .

  2. Spud

    What we need is one of those keyboard mats from the film BIG for those waiting on the platform.
    It’ll be like when the rocket man meets the piano man!

  3. hapff

    you’re supposed to play it, and not get paid for it. in other words, provide free labour just as I am doing with this comment

  4. Captainpants

    They should have phrased the sign as “Please share the piano with others.”

    This is one of the few pieces of public art in the past couple of years that has actually moved my emotions and not just made me feel faintly bewildered.

    1. george

      It should say what it means. “Accepting payment for playing the piano is not allowed”.

      The sign’s reference to busking is confusing and a sign that talks about “sharing” would be too. They also need to get a proper sign not an A4 piece of paper. Why go to the trouble of getting the piano painted with artwork then plonk that on there?

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      Have you been watching The Art of Drumming on Sky, Scottser?

      It’s ba-dum-tish-tastic.

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