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Stoic Brazilian pianist Lord Vinheteiro attempts a variety of mood pieces to get his equally expressionless friend Laura Kassab to crack a smile.

Or not.

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Acclaimed 94 year old Kiwi jazz musician Julian ‘Golden Ears’ Lee who has been blind since birth, plays piano for the first time since suffering a stroke several years ago, accompanied by fellow jazzman James Morrisson in a rendition of  Ella Fitzgerald’s “After You’ve Gone.”


wish-2 wish-1wish-6wish-5wish-4

Improbable Worlds: an antique piano almost bisected but for one remaining wishbone of wood connecting the two halves. How artist Maskull Lasserre did it – considering the fragility of the wishbone and the weight of the piano – is anyone’s guess.

Very carefully, we’d hazard.

More of his work here.


whaletone-royal-digital-piano img-3 img-4

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 12.38.46

Behold: the Whaletone Royal Digital – a 100% digital (no strings or hammers), MIDI equipped, Orca-looking, made-to-order piano – fully customisable in any colour, finish, inlay or light effect to match the outré décor of your penthouse duplex or ocean-going yacht.

Yours for a trifling €98,400+


woody-4 woody-3

Filmed over two years, first released in 2013 and new online, Stuart Bowen’s short about an art mannequin who yearns to play the piano (but lacks the requisite fingers) is a dialogue-free masterclass in lighting, set design and animation technique.

Making-of featurette here.



Conor Walsh – The Front

A delicate, haunting composition from minimalist Co-Mayo ivory tinkler Conor Walsh

Conor writes:

Thanks for the support over the last few years.  I’ve finally got my debut E.P. together for release this Friday with the official launch gig on Saturday evening in the Unitarian Church, Dublin. The video was made by the incredibly talented Louise Gaffney. The release will be available on vinyl and digital download through Ensemble Records.

Pre order here

Conor Walsh