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This morning.

Further to the exclusion by the Dublin International Piano Competition of nine Russian pianists because of the war in Ukraine…

…via Irish Times Letters:

The Dublin Piano Competition has cancelled its Russian competitors (“Dublin piano competition’s move to ban Russian competitors faces criticism”). Do these people know the histories and opinions of the pianists concerned?

Our culture is obsessed with individual choice and a refusal to apply stereotypes. Until, it seems, we decide to tar entire nations with one brush. How ridiculous we are going to look in a few years.

Kevin O’Connell, Carlow.

Irish Times Letters

Last night.

O’Connell Bridge, Dublin 1.

Via Wikipedia:

Davide Martello, also known as Klavierkunst is a German pianist of Italian descent. He is known for travelling around conflict zones to play his baby grand piano, which he tows behind his bicycle using a powered trailer.

Martello has been recognised by the European parliament for his “outstanding contribution to European cooperation and the promotion of common values”.According to his website his aim is to play in every capital of the world.

In fairness.

Davide Martlello

Top pic via Davide/ second pic via Donny Keane

This afternoon.

At Dublin Airport.

TV3’s Virgin Media’s Political Correspondent Gavan Reilly plays piano in the arrivals lounge of Dublin Airport.

Take That, RTÉ

In fairness.

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