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Musician and singer Bob Glynn

Alexis Cronin (brother of the ‘sheet‘s Olga), writez:

My wife [Evanna Lyons] and I were out for a few drinks in Dublin city last week when we came across Bob Glynn.

He’s a musician who was busking and who has truly amazing vocals.

He got chatting to us as Evanna and I enjoyed his session so much. In the end, we had a pint together and he told us he gives away the money he gets from busking to homeless people in Dublin and buys pastries for heroin addicts.

He was such a genuine guy and a refreshing story for Broadsheet in the midst of Corona-gate.

He also gave me the idea to make a guitar out of recycled plastic. I am hoping to have it ready for him by end of this month.


Bob Glynn

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Sam Mardar (above), bassist with Dublin band Keywest, writes:

The public consultation for the new and very unfair rules the council are potentially imposing on  Dublin buskers is over this Friday at midday. We decided to fly back yesterday from our single promo in the UK to help rally the cause with our old Dublin busker friends

We’ve learn’t a lot about what can be done by the public in these situations after working closely with keepstreetslive organisation who saved busking in a lot of cities in Britain.

We don’t busk here in Ireland anymore and haven’t done for a while! but we really don’t want to see Dublin lose its street performance charm! Public consultation is on Friday, you can submit a submission and have your say here.

Sam Marder (Facebook)

busker1 busker2

Four buskers on Grafton Street, Dublin with their decibel levels

Shane D writes:

Further to all the Busking Noise Hullaballoo, some science is needed. I got interested in this one day during the summer when lots of buskers were out out of Grafton Street. I downloaded an app to measure decibels and which also allows you to take a photo of the source at the same time. The results were interesting.
The loudest busker I recorded was 93 decibels. That is almost four times louder than the average background street noise of about 74 decibels (The decibel scale is logarithmic). Most “miked-up” buskers came in at 90-92 decibels, though I once recorded one at 97 decibels! Non-boosted performers come in at 75-83 decibels. That is over five times times quieter than their electric cousins…

Tom Williams writes:

My mate Phil is doing a 12 hour Busk-athon this Sunday on Grafton Street for Pieta House. Plan is to sing over 180 songs straight with no repeats. If anyone would like to join in and sing or play a song with him or just support everyone is encouraged to come along!

His planned set list is here and his charity page is here.

Listen to Philip discuss his buskathon on Today FM (scroll to 47:30)

Pieta House


A selection of Dublin City Council’s proposed busker bye-laws:

(2) A person or persons performing together shall not use more than one (1) amplifier and where an amplifier is used it shall not be used at a level greater than 15 watts

(3) A person is prohibited from playing any drum or drumkit in a public place.

(6) A person shall not use a knife, sword, flame, axe, saw or other object that can cause serious bodily harm in a performance in a public place.

And still no panpipes ban.

Street Performer draft proposal (Dublin City Council)

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